An Arizona Lawyer's Reminiscence About Chief Justice Rehnquist:

A very enjoyable piece; here's one of my favorite bits:

I left the justice at the hotel about 8 that night and picked him up the next morning. He told me how much he enjoyed his walk and that he had three or four beers at one of the "joints." He said he sat at the bar, talked and told jokes late into the night with a number of the bar's regulars. Just before he left to return to the hotel, he asked one of his bar mates, Pete, what he did for a living.

Pete told him that he drove a big-rig truck for Pacific International Express. In turn, Pete asked his new buddy "Bill" what he did for a living. Bill said to Pete and his bar gang, "Well, I work in Washington, D.C. I am a member of the U.S. Supreme Court."

Pete and the gang laughed heartily at Bill's joke or apparent fantasy, slapped him on the back and offered to buy him one more beer "for the road back to Washington and the Supreme Court."

Thanks to Marc Levin for the pointer.

A Blogger:
Very cool piece.
9.20.2005 2:25pm
Dave Hardy (mail) (www):
I've got a tale. Decades ago, Dean Ares of Univ. of Ariz. law got Rehnquist to chair the second-year moot court panel.

One student, I believe Linda Drake, was arguing when Rehnquist pointed his finger at her and began "You..."

He got no farther, because she passed out cold and fell down.

Rehnquist nearly injured himself as he rushed over to her, uttering apologies.
9.20.2005 4:27pm
D-Day (mail) (www):
Rehnquist taught a two week History of the Supreme Court class at Univ. of Ariz. that I took. I was surprised that he agreed to do it given how liberal the school was -- so much so that students and faculty were protesting vocally outside the classroom. Rehnquist was extremely gracious and autographed books for everyone who asked, at least 100 signatures. I'm not surprised that out of all the retrospectives I've seen, none say anything about him being rude or imperious outside the courtroom.
9.20.2005 7:50pm
Some Jarhead:
There's something that demonstrates America's uniqueness - powerful political figures can share drinks at a bar with strangers, and when they identify themselves at the end of the night none of their new friends believes them!

Of course, every time a liberal tries that they get a black eye and their wallet stolen!
9.20.2005 11:38pm