Inside Scoop on the Second Nomination:
I have been poking around DC to find who the White House might nominate for Justice O'Connor's seat on the Supreme Court, and I wanted to report what I'm hearing. First, sources tell me that Judge Joseph Wapner is in the running. Wapner is a trusted figure to many Americans and should be easily confirmable, but there is some concern about his age (he's 86). Judge Harry T. Stone is also mentioned. Stone's sense of humor and his magic tricks might attract Justice Kennedy's vote, and could also keep Scalia entertained; on the other hand, the Right may object to his lack of conservative bona fides. Finally, I am hearing the name Judge Reinhold a lot, although I'm not sure if that's because my sources think he is on the short list or because they recently watched Beverly Hills Cop. Anyway, stay tuned. We should know in a day or two whether the nominee is Wapner, Stone, Reinhold, or someone else.
Syd (mail):
Is Judge Judy still under consideration?
10.2.2005 3:59pm
Scott Scheule (mail) (www):
Don't forget Mentok the Mindtaker.
10.2.2005 4:04pm
Judge Joe Brown should be on the list after this opinion. Init, he shows a few of the qualities that judicial conservatives seem to value, such as respect for the rule of law and respect for procedural rules. His further innovation of watching a videotape of the trial court shows that he is aware of the limitations of appellate courts.

PFAW, however, might be tempted to label the ruling as "anti-business," and might call it judicial activism because of its disregard for the finality agreements signed by TV trial-court litigants.

At the end of the day, however, I think Brown would be confirmable. His demographics, background in Los Angeles, independence of thought, and lack of a trail of law review articles or opinions seeking to "turn back the clock" will probably make him difficult to defeat. He's not the untouchable that John Roberts was, but I wouldn't count him out.
10.2.2005 4:10pm
erp (mail):
I heard Judge Crater is coming out of reitrement.
10.2.2005 4:21pm
ChrisO (mail):
I bet judge dread would be able to stand up to senators in the hearings, although that would probably hurt his chances of confirmation.
10.2.2005 4:25pm
Kieran (www):
In these times, Judge Dredd is the natural choice. His hands-on approach to crime-prevention and sentencing would also cut down on the court's docket.
10.2.2005 4:25pm
Do the rumor-peddlers that Kerr alludes to realize they are being used like cheap hookers ?

Do they even care ?
10.2.2005 4:32pm
Armen (mail) (www):
Everyone knows the Senate and the enitre nation will soon be judging Amy. And a bit off topic but did anyone else catch the Smiegel "Fun with Real Audio" on SNL?
10.2.2005 4:39pm
H-Bomb (mail):
That Judge Mills Lane hasn't yet been mentioned worries me. He wants a good, clean fight. Now let's get it on!
10.2.2005 4:46pm
shrubya (mail):
I nominate my dad, George Herbert Walker Bush. One mediocre judge (who he appointed) deserves another. I will make the Bush dynasty last FOREVER!! If you don't approve then I'll nominate Jenna, my lovely daughter. She would've voted in favor of Roach. Smokin' a little pot never stopped me from becoming prez. I prefer beer and pretzels though. Can I nominate myself? If it don't say no in the constitution then I'm goin' for it!
10.2.2005 5:11pm
Jay Louis (mail):
I recommend the nomination of William Wayne Justice of the US District Court for the Eastern District of Texas. That way the United States of America can finally have a Justice Justice. :-)
10.2.2005 5:55pm
Cheburashka (mail):
Does anyone else remember the episode of Hardcastle &McCormick where one of them (which was which?) was named by Reagan as a potential supreme court nominee?
10.2.2005 6:05pm
Daniel Chapman (mail):
heh... Mentok... priceless :)

10.2.2005 6:14pm
Guest2 (mail):
Just when Drill Sgt. Todd "Hard America" Zywicki almost had me abandon VC forever, the surprising comedy stylings of Orin Kerr (aided by the ever-witty VC commenters) have brought me back.
10.2.2005 6:23pm
Guest2 (mail):
Heh heh, Hardcastle &McCormick. Reminds me of the episode of Beverly Hills 90210 when the "brainy" girl's husband (I forget the character's names), a corporate associate someplace, was "invited"(!) by Yale Law to become a prof there.

As James Garner used to say, "Let's go out there and make some history!"
10.2.2005 6:27pm
Donald (www):
My sources tell me the smart money is on Judge Chamberlain Haller.

And former Senator Kevin Keeley will shepherd the nominee through the Judiciary Committee.
10.2.2005 6:44pm
Jeremy (mail):
Sadly, there is little question that Wapner, Stone, Reinhold, and even Mentok have a better understanding of the Constitution than Ruth Bader Ginsburg.
10.2.2005 7:48pm
For the 1.2 people who read my prior comment and cared, I meant "pro-business," not "anti-business."

And, of course, I'd be a fan of Judge Dredd too, if for no other reason than that he'd issue his rulings (or issue a gunshot to the losing party) and then say "you've been judged." If the current Supreme Court would start saying that, it would be a definite improvement.
10.2.2005 8:02pm
llamasex (mail) (www):
The best, and ignored by all of you choices so far for the position is Mike Judge. Beyond the sheer awesomeness that would be calling him Judge Judge. Anyone who can capture the essence of such diverse perspectives like idiotic adolescennce, Texas life, and being cubicle jockey has enough understanding of the world to run it.
10.2.2005 8:10pm
refugee (mail):
Judge Henry Bone, without question. His impatience with fools is his strongest asset. His ability to ask the right questions to get to the heart of the matter would be crucial on the Supreme bench.

The one drawback might be that he was originally educated in an alien society, and this might lead him to look outside US, or indeed, terrestrial law.
10.2.2005 8:25pm
Scott Scheule (mail) (www):
Man!!! Has anybody seen Luttig on Tradesports? That guy's numbers are soaring--but on the other hand, somebody has got some bad information. This guy is another white male when Bush clearly will be picking a female and/or minority candidate. Not to mention his writings on abortion.

Miers is coming up--there's the safe bet.
10.2.2005 8:25pm
lucia (mail) (www):
Are you telling me Judge Milian, a female Hispanic hasn't been mentioned? She looks young and fit. What's not to like?

I watched the case about Rocco the Chihuahua and was impressed by the Judge's adherance to the rule of law.
10.2.2005 8:27pm
murky (mail) (www):
I think several of the judges on Star Search have achieved sufficient reputation among the American people to deserve a nomination.
10.2.2005 8:48pm
SteveMG (mail):
I have it on good authority (okay, it's a just that damned voice in my head) that Dave Justice, former baseball star, will get the nomination.

Justice Justice.

Hah, enough with the Judge Judge line.


10.2.2005 8:49pm
Generic Old Person (mail) (www):
10.2.2005 9:08pm
Bill Dyer (mail) (www):
Ten minutes to Wapner. We're definitely locked in this box with no TV.
10.2.2005 9:28pm
Cheburashka (mail):
I still want Kozinski to be nominated. For one thing, the confirmation hearings would be hilarious.
10.2.2005 9:32pm
Joel B. (mail):
Anybody thinking Judge Elihu Smails has a chance.
10.2.2005 9:48pm
Heh heh, Hardcastle &McCormick. Reminds me of the episode of Beverly Hills 90210 when the "brainy" girl's husband (I forget the character's names), a corporate associate someplace, was "invited"(!) by Yale Law to become a prof there.


Also, did anyone catch the episode of Magnum, P.I. where Magnum was hired by a Supreme Court nominee to find his long-lost love? Justice Souter, there's still hope.

Too bad Judge Danny Boggs's quiz doesn't include t.v. trivia.
10.2.2005 10:08pm
Jeremy (mail):
Harriet Miers it is.

She's old at 60. She's a Texas buddy of the President (we all know how well that's worked lately). She has no judicial experience. If she's conservative, she certainly hasn't shown much of it.

I think Mentok would have been a much better selection.
10.3.2005 8:18am
Kieran Jadiker Smith:
I believe Judge Wapner would reverse the Supreme Court's unfortunate trend away from demanding receipts. This is a small but important part of restoring the Constitution in Exile.
10.3.2005 9:10am
Judge Reinhold - proud son of Wilmington, Delaware
10.3.2005 10:18am
Bemac (mail):
Judd for the Supreme Court? Ashley, of course.

10.3.2005 10:19am