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Bush Expected to Nominate

Harriet Miers to the Supreme Court.

yclipse (mail):
The answer to this puzzle is:

How could Bush pick another Rehnquist?
10.3.2005 8:56am
Puzzling, indeed.

Good one!
10.3.2005 8:57am
david blue (mail) (www):
Wait, what's the puzzle? The real nominee is an anagram of Harriet Miers, right? Like Hiram Terrise?

Oh wait, you're serious. Eek.
10.3.2005 8:58am
Hillel Levin (www):
Oh! I know this one:

Who is someone who has never been in my . . .

Oh, never mind.
10.3.2005 9:57am
wt (mail) (www):

The best puzzle yet Kevan!

I give up. Why Harriet Miers?
10.3.2005 11:24am