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Yet Another Presidential Order:

Who is the next President in this list? (Warning: This relies on some very specific information that many of you are not aware of, so don't spend too long on it. However, that piece of information relates to something discussed on here by one of my co-bloggers three weeks ago.) (Hint: I am referring to the actual U.S. Presidents, not people with the same names as them, not aircraft carriers, not elementary schools in Nebraska — though that would be a good one — or anything else.)

  • James Madison

  • Martin Van Buren

  • James Buchanan

  • Abraham Lincoln

  • Benjamin Harrison

  • _______________

If you get it, please post the name of the missing President, but hold off on an explanation.

UPDATE: Another hint below.


George Washington
10.3.2005 12:19pm
They all appointed crypto-lesbians to the Supreme Court?
10.3.2005 12:26pm
19th Century Presidents
10.3.2005 12:36pm
Doh I misread, ignore my comment :p
10.3.2005 12:37pm
Mr. Plow:
Presidents of the United States in the order in which they have been in my kitchen. (I have an old house.)
10.3.2005 12:42pm
AK (mail):
Andrew Sullivan has made the case that all of them were gay, and anyone who denies it is a theocrat.
10.3.2005 12:45pm
zaoem (mail):
George W. Bush
10.3.2005 1:14pm
Kevan Choset (mail):
So far no one has the correct answer.
10.3.2005 1:24pm
Warren G. Harding.
10.3.2005 1:31pm
master betty (mail):
10.3.2005 1:45pm
Goober (mail):

I was going to post something like, "What, no one's made the 'never been in my kitchen' joke?" because I was sure it wouldn't have been done.... Beaten to the punch again. Well done, Mr. Plow.
10.3.2005 1:53pm
Matt Barr (mail) (www):
I think we're giving your hint short shrift. Obviously, all these Presidents were communists belonging to the ACLU. Or fans of the TV show Lost. Or possibly sock puppets. We just need to figure out the next one in the series.
10.3.2005 1:57pm
Goober (mail):
Matt Barr---I thought so too, but it turns out they were all metaphorical baseball umpires. So... G.W. Bush?
10.3.2005 1:58pm
master betty (mail):
Oops. Bill Clinton
10.3.2005 2:00pm
Kevan Choset (mail):
Master Betty is correct. It's Clinton. I assume from his comments that Matt Barr knows why?
10.3.2005 2:21pm
Kevan Choset (mail):
Ah, on second thought, I don't think Matt Barr knows why -- he was just listing some topics that came up on volokh 3 weeks ago...
10.3.2005 2:22pm
Newt Jackson (mail):
William Howard Taft
10.3.2005 2:23pm
Taft, if already being on the Court counts. Otherwise, Hoover.
10.3.2005 2:23pm
Kevan Choset (mail):
Where are the Taft answers coming from? Clinton is the answer I was looking for, so any who provided a different answer, could you explain your method?
10.3.2005 2:26pm
Matt Barr (mail) (www):
I'm ok with you assuming. Assume away!
10.3.2005 2:44pm
master betty (mail):
On Lost, the magic numeric sequence is 4-8-15-16-23-42, which coincides with the Presidents listed.

My first guess was based on some erroneous history - I thought Buchanan was the 12th President
10.3.2005 3:01pm
I chose Harding because he appointed Taft... I am trying to remember why my WAG gravitated to this having something to do with Taft, though. Something to do with a Chief Justice being appointed, not elevated from among the associaite justices.

I took seriously your instruction not research anything, which, given the source of the mystery, was appropriate.
10.3.2005 3:09pm
Matt Barr (mail) (www):

We watch Criminal Minds. It's good!
10.3.2005 3:12pm
civil truth (mail):

My logic -- presidents during whose term simultaneous supreme court vacancies occurred. (And I think Taft had a simultaneous AJ and CJ position open)
10.3.2005 3:27pm
Kevan Choset (mail):
Master Betty's got it.
10.3.2005 3:47pm
Goober (mail):
Okay, that confused the snot out of me, and now that it's been explained I still don't understand.

Well done? I guess?
10.3.2005 8:27pm
Does anybody else find it strange that *all* of these presidents (including the final one in the sequence, Clinton) have last names ending in "n"? I realize that isn't the criteria for the sequence, but it's an awfully remarkable coincidence...
10.4.2005 1:39am
James Kabala (mail):
"n" is just the most common last letter for presidential last names, I guess. Besides the presidents listed, we also have Washington, Jefferson, Jackson, W.H. Harrison, A. Johnson, Wilson, Truman, L. Johnson, Nixon, and Reagan.
10.4.2005 10:59am