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Reading the reaction to the Miers nominatiom at, I thought I would point out that the following URLs are still available:
Justin Kee (mail):
I see a few more have not been registered yet.

10.3.2005 2:19pm
Steve M (mail) (www):
Definitely the Python-esque post. Still, Dems would be insane to oppose this nomination on ideological, and I say that as someone who leans that way (and who thought that Roberts was a decent pick too).
As for her qualifications...well, open territory there.
10.3.2005 2:55pm
Barry F. (mail):
How about,

10.3.2005 3:06pm
Wittbelle (mail) (www):
I followed the link provided at, which I followed from, (the internet and ADD is a challenging combination), and I can't believe you didn't get more than a smile from's webwhatever. You had me laughing outloud, (especially It just confirms my suspicions that more than anything else, conservatives like to conserve their laughter.
10.3.2005 3:13pm
Richard Bellamy (mail):
I believe you are looking for: www.confer'n'
10.3.2005 3:14pm
Beth (mail) (www): !

I laughed out loud, too--and at (with) yours, Justin. It looks like the John Birch Society over there.
10.3.2005 10:10pm
How about
10.3.2005 10:16pm
Beth (mail) (www):
I just looked at the trackback from Reaganites Unite. Amazingly, the guy is freaking out because she once supported Democrats, obviously missing the irony in the fact that Reagan himself was once a registered Democrat. Heh.
10.3.2005 10:16pm
Paul doson (mail) (www):
Yup! I think there are many more of them not registered yet.
10.4.2005 8:29am
SimonD (www):
Were the mattter of less grave import, I would perhaps allow myself a slight snicker. I said at the time that it was preposterous that Senate Republicans were saying that a President should get their pick, that judicial philosophy was not important, that the President should be deferred to on his choice, because I felt that was shooting ourselves in the foot. My concern was that we might lose the White House in 2008, and thus have to look like hypocrites in order to stop a terrible Dem nominee, but as it turns out, that concern has vested rather sooner.
10.4.2005 11:44am