Dick Cheney Defends Miers Pick:
Transcript here.
Jacob T. Levy (mail):
Doesn't the accompanying Onion sub-headline write itself? "Practice of deciding to go with personally-trusted vetter of other candidates 'has worked well for us so far,' says VP; 'way easier than reading all those files,' adds President."

I know that's cranky and unfair. But I'm feeling cranky about it.
10.3.2005 4:07pm
Any chance that Cheney appeared on Rush to put out some of the flames that surfaced this morning in conservative circles? Does anyone know when this interview was scheduled? Sending Cheney to Rush would seem like a strong move for a White House worried about backlash from the base.
10.3.2005 4:26pm
I stopped reading after the 100th time he answered a question with "She'll do a great job." In other words, I got through about one-and-a-half of his answers.
10.3.2005 6:38pm