Posner v. Stone on the Patriot Act, Sort Of:
Over at the Legal Affairs Debate Club, Richard Posner and Geoffrey Stone are debating the Patriot Act. Of course, like most debates over the Patriot Act, very little of it is actually about the Act itself. Most of the discussion is about the abstract question of how societies should respond to threats like terrorism; so far only one section of the law Congress passed has been mentioned. But I suppose I'm idiosyncratic in my belief that the Patriot Act is an actual piece of legislation. Hat tip: U of C Faculty Blog.
Gene Vilensky (mail) (www):
And as expected, Rounds 1 &2 go to Posner.

Is it just me, or did Posner seem a tad snarky in his first response to Stone? Normally, Posner is not snarky at all and extremely polite. It seemed almost out of character for him.
10.5.2005 12:21am
Dylan Alexander (mail) (www):
Posner may not normally be "snarky" but "dry" is not at all rare. The line between the two is not always clear.
10.5.2005 1:19am