More Personal Profile of Harriett Miers:
The New York Times takes a look.
Conspirator (mail):
Conspiracy theory....

Bush knows that Miers is going to be rejected (Borked due to lack of publications, scholarship, etc.). He then nominates Janice Rogers Brown. He wants to get someone else.

OR, Bush has some other motive (rope-a-dope)....

10.5.2005 12:34am
seamus (mail):
There's also some good information at her blog.
10.5.2005 1:27am
No, he knew the first one would be rejected outright, and then in the wake of that, he gives us someone who is unknown but at least not that-first-guy. She'll go through.
10.5.2005 1:27am
I love this quote: "Harriet is what you would call a Southern lady. It is marvelous to watch her in meetings with huge egos, where she allows people to think good results are the product of their own ideas."

She has a talent for meeting with people with huge egos and convincing them to do what she wants while making them believe that it was all their idea. I guess that explains how she got the nomination.
10.5.2005 2:00am