A Forthcoming Study on Sexual Happiness in People 40-80.--

Tonight I went to the University of Chicago's Rational Choice Workshop, run by Gary Becker and Dick Posner. The eminent sociologist Ed Laumann presented a paper on a survey he led on the sexual practices and opinions of 27,500 people aged 40-80 in 29 countries around the world. The paper was on subjective sexual satisfaction.

Laumann and his co-authors found that sexual satisfaction is higher in countries where gender roles are more equal, but that men report slightly higher satisfaction than women.

The paper can be downloaded here.

murky (mail) (www):
Are Becker and Posner "an item"?
10.5.2005 12:47am
Dave Hardy (mail) (www):
Subjective sexual satisfaction? Is there such a thing as objective sexual satisfaction? I suppose there's always the "reasonable man/woman" test, but reasonableness only comes into play right after you've got some (with the reasonable man model, anyway).
10.5.2005 12:57am
I wonder what the need for sampling people on the older end (70-80) of that age range was...
10.5.2005 10:19am