Concurring Opinions:
My friend and colleague Daniel Solove has broken off of PrawfsBlawg and has started a new group blog, Concurring Opinions. From the intro blurb:
Concurring Opinions will be a group blog, and other co-bloggers will be joining me shortly. Together, we'll cover issues involving law, culture, and current events. We'll focus on technology, privacy, intellectual property, contract, property, torts, constitutional law, criminal law and procedure, literature and humanities, legal theory, sociology, and more.
  The first co-blogger to join Dan appears to be Kaimi Wenger, and I understand that more co-bloggers and guest-bloggers are on the way. Be sure to check it out.

  UPDATE: The new blog even has its own registration statement.
Ray (mail):
10.5.2005 6:46pm
Orin: Your "udpate" looks like something Harriet Miers might have written.
10.5.2005 9:16pm
Opos. I'll fxi taht.
10.5.2005 9:27pm
That LA Times page they posted is hilarious :)
10.5.2005 10:00pm