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Dying on the Same Day:

It's an oft-cited fact that John Adams and Thomas Jefferson died on the same day as each other. Writers Aldous Huxley and C.S. Lewis also died on the same day as each other, but their deaths, even occurring together, did not warrant major headlines. Why?

Jared K.:
Got it, but I had to hit wikipedia to see what day that was, so I can't really take credit.
10.6.2005 2:41pm
Jared (guest):
They died November 22, 1963, the same day Kennedy was assassinated.
10.6.2005 2:41pm
Robert Ayers (mail):
The death of the Russian composer Prokofiev wasn't noticed much either ...
10.6.2005 2:45pm
aslanfan (mail):
This might be VC's first mention of Lewis. Kudos!
10.6.2005 2:47pm
ChrisW (mail):
This case is interesting for a few reasons. First is probably the particular date in question (without giving it all away), and its relationship to the two men. Second is their personal and political relationship, and third is its the way in which they were aware of each other at the time they were dying.
10.6.2005 2:59pm
Arthur (mail):
"She was born in November 1963
The day Aldous Huxley died"

--Sheryl Crow, Run Baby Run
10.6.2005 3:09pm
Anderson (mail) (www):
Well, that lyric of Crow's just got more interesting.
10.6.2005 3:14pm
Jerry McCusker:
Because even back then, most people on the street wouldn't recognize the name of either one of them?
10.6.2005 3:19pm
Bezuhov (mail):
Reminds me of a good book:

"Between Heaven and Hell" by Peter Kreeft

An imaginary conversation between the three in the afterlife.
10.6.2005 3:26pm
Kim Scarborough (mail) (www):

See here.
10.6.2005 3:32pm
Seamus (mail):
A friend once told me that The New York Times was about the only newspaper whose November 23 issue reported all three deaths on page one. I haven't actually checked this out and wonder if anyone can confirm or deny it.
10.6.2005 3:54pm
aslanfan (mail):
Kim -- I stand corrected (happily)
10.6.2005 3:58pm
Neither one of them were in my kitchen at the time!
10.6.2005 4:07pm
Seamus: I'm afraid not. The Nov. 23 issue of The New York Times was dominated with coverage of President Kennedy's death, with no mention (at least not on a Proquest search) of Aldous Huxley's or C.S. Lewis's deaths at all. In the "Late City Edition," news of Aldous Huxley's death appeared on the front page the next day, Nov. 24 ("Aldous Huxley Dies Of Cancer on Coast"). C.S. Lewis's obituary appeared on page 19 the day after that, Nov. 25.
10.6.2005 4:41pm
DL (mail):
I was going to guess because Adams referenced Jefferson in his death throes and Huxley/Lewis did not mention the other.

10.6.2005 4:45pm
Goober (mail):
JFK died, too. Easy.

(I'm like comment #16 or something, so I'm sure someone else got it, but I want credit for knowing!)
10.6.2005 5:07pm
Jefferson and Adams died on July 4. (No Google involved he said, trivially.)
10.6.2005 6:00pm
Chris24601 (mail):
See here for a book imagining a dialogue following the JFK/Huxley/Lewis deaths.
10.6.2005 6:39pm
nabetz (www):
Was the same day as JFK's assassination. Just happened to learn that last week listening to a series on CS Lewis by the Teaching Co.
10.6.2005 6:54pm
Alcyoneus (mail):
It is because most people, even college graduates, are afficted by the barbarism of specialization.
10.6.2005 10:18pm
civil truth (mail):
To confirm AnonymousUser, I possess a hard copy of C.S. Lewis's obituary from the New York Times, and it is dated Monday, November 25, 1963.
10.6.2005 10:50pm
Steve Donohue (mail) (www):
Prokofiev and Stalin even died in the same city, blocks apart.

The weird thing about the Adams/Jefferson death is that it occurred on exactly the 50th anniversary of the independence of the US. If that was written in a short story by an undergraduate, the professor would chide them for being too obvious with their symbolism.
10.6.2005 10:57pm
pchuck (mail):
Former President William Howard Taft died on the same day that Associate Justice Edward Terry Sanford died (March 8, 1930).
10.7.2005 12:13am
pchuck (mail):
Clarification to Former Post:

Former President &Chief Justice William Howard Taft died on the same day that Associate Justice Edward Terry Sanford died (March 8, 1930).
10.7.2005 12:14am
DonBoy (mail) (www):
Charles Darwin and Abraham Lincoln were both born Feb. 12, 1809.

Another thing they have in common: they're both found on the paper money of their respective countries, Lincoln on the $5 bill and Darwin on the (obverse of the) 10-pound note.
10.7.2005 12:22am
Mark Spittle (mail) (www):
It is also a fact that the actor who played Ed Straker on the British 70's series "UFO" died within two days of the actor who played Commander Foster on the same show.

And, yet, for some unknown reason, this, too has not gotten any solid press coverage.

10.7.2005 1:41pm
big dirigible (mail) (www):
S.I. Hayakawa died the day I renewed his General Semantics from the town library.

The press failed to take note.
10.7.2005 2:25pm