Lawyers Like to Blog, New York Times Reports:
Story here.
42USC1983 (mail):
Of course, the Times couldn't even get simple facts correct. Evan Schaeffer does not blog about Ohio law.
10.7.2005 2:28pm
Eh Nonymous (mail) (www):
42: Indeed. I suppose actually speaking with persons you're writing about fact-checking is too much effort. And the NYT is notoriously bad at fixing articles - better to just run a correction nobody can find, right?

I find much in common between the article and the wikipedia entry on "Blog," scroll down to subsection "Legal."(Wikipedia, "Blawg") That is to say, very nice if you've never heard of the stuff, but useless otherwise. And VC appears! See blawgers (Wikipedia).

Oh well - can't expect MSM sources to be correct and/or informative _all_ the time, can we? Look at the disastrously wrongheaded piece on the Grand Canyon as viewed by 1) scientists and 2) evidence-denying YEC-ists.
10.7.2005 4:45pm