Congratulations, David!
This is wonderful news.
Mazel tov. Any labor merits jewelry for the laborer. Forty-two hours is clearly in the multiple diamond zone.
10.7.2005 2:36pm
SimonD (www):
10.7.2005 2:41pm
Female Reader:
I must concur with Aultimer on this one. I suggest diamond stud earrings. No woman can resist these.
10.7.2005 3:08pm
Veggie_Burger (mail):
How about letting her BE a baby, and not a future anything. I think that if more babies experienced the joy of living during infancy and beyond, they would grow up to be what THEY want to be, and not some radioactive plant in their brains by their parents.
10.7.2005 3:16pm
Paul N (mail):
It's crazy how every hospital in the country uses those same sheets and hats!
10.7.2005 3:25pm
Anderson (mail) (www):
Yes, my baby boy just turned one, and I remember his little hat. Congratulations to all the Bernsteins, large and small. The joy makes up for the lack of sleep.
10.7.2005 4:08pm
akiva eisenberg (mail):
Amazingly, unlike most babies, she really is beautiful. Mazal Tov.
10.7.2005 4:08pm
I was thinking the same thing. Let's be honest, even babies who end up classically adorable at six months are usually kinda odd and wrinkly and homely in their first few days, and who can blame them.

That, however, is a lovely child.
10.7.2005 6:54pm
fling93 (www):
Nice pick for a first name, hee hee hee.
10.7.2005 8:18pm
She is beautiful!! Congratulations!
10.7.2005 8:39pm
Observer (mail):
A New Year baby, what mazel! May she be inscribed in the Book of Life for a long and happy life.
10.7.2005 11:56pm
Yay, a baby!

Paul N's comment, and Akiva's and Observer's, is seconded...

May she learn to sleep through the night quickly.:-)
10.8.2005 4:21pm
Pejman Yousefzadeh (mail) (www):
Heartiest congratulations.
10.8.2005 5:54pm