30 Years Ago Today,

my parents, my brother, and I arrived in the U.S. As you might gather, October 8 (and June 13, the day in 1975 that we left Russia) is a big day in the Volokh family year.

erp (mail):
Glad you all made it.
10.8.2005 6:48pm
Justin Kee (mail):
Congrats to you and your family.
10.8.2005 6:52pm
Guest2 (mail):
Good for us!
10.8.2005 7:02pm
and we are better for it .... welcome home.
10.8.2005 7:08pm
Happy as all of us are about this, I hope we seriously reflect on whether our restrictive national policies and practices today regarding the admission of students and others who would enrich our country imperil the chances of similar happy events taking place in the future.
10.8.2005 7:08pm
Gabriel Rossman (www):
thank you Jackson-Vanik
10.8.2005 7:20pm
SteveMG (mail):
And boy are we glad.

Welcome home fellow Americans.

Bring some more if you've got 'em. We can always find more room.

10.8.2005 7:35pm
von (mail) (www):
And we are better for it! Congratulations to you and yours.
10.8.2005 8:35pm
Michael B (mail):
Applause, congratulations and a sincere thank you for a standard setting blog and commentary.
10.8.2005 8:46pm
Barbara Skolaut (mail):
We're so glad you came, Eugene.

Welcome home.
10.8.2005 8:46pm
David Rose (mail):
Congratulations to a great guy!

Let us never forget, however, that Rooseveltian policies would have kept out this future eminent scholar, as would have McCarren-Walter.

Later initiatives to efectively open wide our country to south-of-the border folks will never compensate for these historically racist and unproductive laws.

Sorry to bring unhappy facts into a very happy celebration (shades of "Unhand me now graybeard loon").

Mazel tov, Eugene and family!!
10.8.2005 8:54pm
EricH (mail):
Well, they got our order wrong.

We ordered hot Russian brides, y'know libertines.

So we got some Russian libertarians?

That's okay, we'll take them instead.

Welcome home.

10.8.2005 9:08pm
Bill Dyer (mail) (www):
A noteworthy anniversary for all concerned. Congratulations to you and your family, and to America!
10.8.2005 9:49pm
Rhadamanthus (mail):
A mistake worthy of song- should have come to Britain instead. Sigh, some people never learn.
10.8.2005 10:11pm
Ali Karim Bey (mail):
And, you and your brother made it to the SC clerkship. How does that do for the Democratic Party?

You are a star - an example of why America is the best because of people like you, who come here.

10.8.2005 10:11pm
Ugh (mail):

And without reading the whole blog and your bio, have you been back? I was in Russia last August, visiting St. Petersberg, Moscow and a small town North of Vladimir. Beautiful country, I wish it all the best.
10.8.2005 10:35pm
I am so glad you are all here! Congratulations!
10.8.2005 10:41pm
cfw (mail):
Glad to have you all. Any thoughts on immigration policy for the next 30 years?
10.8.2005 10:45pm
xj (mail) (www):
October 8th: my birthday! I am honoured to share an anniversary with you and your family. Not being an American, I won't comment on immigration issues, except to observe that the US is undoubtedly richer for having admitted Eugene Volokh...
10.8.2005 11:21pm
Chiaspod (mail):
10.8.2005 11:26pm
bruder (mail) (www):
Congrats. We celebrate our parallel arrival every year as well.
10.9.2005 12:09am
Dave Hardy (mail) (www):
Glad you're here, Rooskie!
10.9.2005 12:58am
VFB (mail):
You are not eligible to run for president. Just wondering, does that bother you?
10.9.2005 3:06am
Peter Weinberger (mail):
Congratulations. I visited refuseniks in the Soviet Union in 1987. It really opened the eyes of this liberal Democrat. I'm glad you (and so many others) got out.

On another note -- though our politics are very different, it is so refreshing to hear the conservative viewpoint articulated by such an intelligent person in such a logical manner. I just wish others on both sides of the political divide could be as civilized and articulate as you are. Keep it up.

Peter Weinberger
10.9.2005 3:27am
LINO_watcher (mail) (www):

Right - it's so "libertine" to want to build a life and raise a family with someone. It's not like those kind souls that lure people to this country to work in strip clubs and escort services.

10.9.2005 8:02am
Sasha (mail):
Ugh: Eugene hasn't been back; I went back for the first time this last June, for a week in St. Petersburg. Our mother has been back a couple of times, and our father once or twice. Note that I say "back" advisedly -- we were born in Kiev, now in the Ukraine. Eugene and I (who were, respectively, 7 and under 2 when we left) probably never set foot in Russia proper at that time. So being "back," in my case, means being back in the former Soviet Union.
10.9.2005 11:37am
EricH (mail):
"It's so "libertine" to want to build a life and raise a family with someone"

It was a joke. A parody to celebrate the occasion.

You know, tongue in cheek? Russian mail-order brides?

10.9.2005 11:39am
Ugh (mail):
Thanks Sasha.
10.9.2005 12:06pm
Glenn W Bowen (mail):
and very welcome you and yours are- live long, and prosper \\//
10.9.2005 1:41pm
Tom952 (mail):
Congratulations, Professor.
10.9.2005 5:06pm
Thief (mail) (www):
Not like the brazen giant of Greek fame,
With conquering limbs astride from land to land;
Here at our sea-washed, sunset gates shall stand
A mighty woman with a torch, whose flame
Is the imprisoned lightning, and her name
Mother of Exiles. From her beacon-hand
Glows world-wide welcome; her mild eyes command
The air-bridged harbor that twin cities frame.

"Keep ancient lands, your storied pomp!" cries she
with silent lips. "Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me,
I lift my lamp beside the golden door!"

-- Emma Lazarus (1849-1887), "The New Colossus"

Congratulations, Prof. Volokh. May the next 30 be even better.
10.9.2005 5:40pm
Are you related to the poet Yona Volach ?
10.9.2005 6:56pm
Ira B. Matetsky (mail):

I met you at the Hampshire College Summer Studies in Mathematics in the summer of 1979. You were 11 years old, brilliant, quirky, legalistic, brash, and conservative. For the past few years, I've admired your accomplishments, learned something from each of your articles, and continued to be appalled by a subset of your politics. Congratulations on 30 years here and best wishes for much more success in your adoptive country.

10.9.2005 8:54pm
Rhadamanthus (mail):

If only to embarras the man- after all such a celebration demands some form of photographic embarassment- would you have any photos from the 1979 Summer? I'm sure that Professor Volokh would welcome the opportunity to post them on the site!!!!!!!!!
10.9.2005 9:11pm
Tom R (mail):
B-b-but... the 911 Commission said the Voloshi didn't arrive in the US until November 7. BUSH LIED!!!!!!!!!
10.9.2005 10:56pm
Gordon (mail):
My Mother got out in early 1941, from Estonia, at age 13. If the family had waited three more months, they would have all ended up in Siberia or worse, and I wouldn't exist.

She visited Estonia for the first time in 63 years last summer. She finally felt comfortable enough to go back.
10.10.2005 12:26pm
Silicon Valley Jim:
The Soviet Union's (and, now, Russia's) loss and our gain. Happy anniversary to one of the blogosphere's best.
10.10.2005 5:56pm
therut (mail):
I have a friend who left 6 years ago. She is a physician. And yes she was a so called mail order bride. My friend who married her found her on a russian bride internet site. These easiest way out she told me was a "Marriage Visa". She had three months once here to marry. They did. They are very happy. Have a beautiful baby girl. She told me she got paid about 40.00 a week and still had to work one week-end a month free. No pain medicines given for childbirth. No antibiotics given except Penicillin in the hospital unless you could pay. Acute MI no miracle clot buster meds. She was a cardiologist there and never had echo or cardiac cath experience. She said not much was done. She did three years residency in Family Medicine here in Arkansas. They are very happy. Her mother has visited. She says her parents both Phd's are still confused that the great Communist dream did not work out. They have a hard time accepting that they were duped. Her mother was amazed with zip lock bags. A grocery store here is unbelievable to her. No lines for maybe some meat if the supply did not run out first. It has been a eye opening experience for the whole family and me to. I hope to go to Russia with her someday and visit. Visit the place where Vera says the cats are thin and the people eat an apple down to only the seeds and stems.
10.10.2005 11:45pm
Congratulations! My family arrived from the Eastern Block (Poland) a few years earlier than yours.

Communism is a good antidote to American liberalism. It's not surprising to see you on the American right. The same holds for many others from Cuba, Vietnam, etc.
10.11.2005 12:20pm
Oleg Volk (Volokhonsky) (mail) (www):
Glad your folks were able to get out in 75. Mine had to wait until 89 despite trying eariler. I hold the extra years spent in Russia against anyone who had any position with their govt. Just hope that the US doesn't end up adopting even more of the least savory of the Soviet features, as all administrations I've observed have.
10.11.2005 2:06pm