Feddie Speaks!:
Blogger Stephen Dillard, aka Feddie, is featured in an NPR piece on the conservative blogosphere and the Miers nomination available here. Feddie shows up at the 5:30 mark.
Mr. Dillard speaks civilly but forcefully to the impact of the nomination on the prospects for his continued political support for the President.

If his and similar reactions have any impact on the confirmation/withdrawal process, it will say a great deal about the role of the blogosphere as an instrument of the democratic process.
10.8.2005 9:16pm
The problem with Miers is that she is a brown-noser, a crony, and a grind.

Judicial brown-nosers tend to be overly deferential to government officials, even when they overstep their legitimate role. They also tend to cling fiercely to conventional wisdom and parrot politically-correct mantras. Brown-nosers love to use buzzwords like "diversity," although their thinking is notably unoriginal and undiverse.

Cronyism on the Supreme Court is at odds with the notion of separation of powers. A justice should not be predisposed to rule in favor of the executive branch.

Grinds use hard work to offset and mask their lack of innate intellectual ability. When they rise to a position where that is no longer enough, they hide their inadequacy by doing whatever wins plaudits from their peer group. That makes them incredibly susceptible to peer pressure.
10.9.2005 2:38pm
Jeremy (www):
Feddie did an excellent job, as expected, and accurately captures the feelings of most of the Republican base. I also identify with him because we have the exact same accent.
10.9.2005 3:23pm