Question on the Marriage Debates:
Whether states should recognize same-sex marriages strikes me as a very complex question, one that taps into lots of different instincts and arguments. I confess I am a bit puzzled, though, by Maggie's effort to articulate the harm of same-sex marriage for the majority of us that are straight. As I understand her argument, the claim is that reforming the institution of marriage to include same-sex relationships will have a profound negative impact on how straight couples view marriage. My question is, why? As Maggie herself has pointed out, the institution of marriage is one of the basic building blocks of every society. If marriage is so innate, why should we expect a small number of same-sex marriages to have a significant effect on how the majority in opposite sex relationships behave? This isn't meant to be a trick question. I guess I just don't see why the existence of same-sex marriages would discourage opposite-sex couples from tying the knot.