Pro-Alito Blog:
The Committee for Justice has started a blog to support the Alito nomination. (Gotta love that name, Committee for Justice; only in Washington would a group named "Committee for Justice" disagree 100% of the time with a group called "People For the American Way.")
Clara (www):
Where does Americans For Prosperity (actual group name) stand on this issue, I wonder?
11.6.2005 10:45pm
J. Olsen:
How about the Justice League?

Or the Justices League, from "Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law."
11.6.2005 11:23pm
Eugene Volokh (www):
What about Truth? Is there an Organization for Truth, and does it agree more with Committee for Justice or with People for the American Way?
11.7.2005 12:38am
therut (mail):
I agree with the sentiment of Hank Williams Jr. is his song "Coalition aganist Coalitions". That is what we need.
11.7.2005 1:04am