Taxpayer's Bill of Rights in Colorado:

My latest media analysis column details the hysterical and misleading media coverage of the recent election campaign to loosen Colorado's state constitutional limits on government spending.

Bruce Hayden (mail) (www):
Still we got half the loaf, or got hit with the .22 and were missed by the .50 bullets. My biggest worry was another Amdt. 23 fiasco, where you have mandatory spending increases (in that case, for K-12) while revenues crashed during the late Clinton/early Bush recession. Ref. D would have done the same exact thing - no buyers of those bonds were going to say, oh well, no TABOR refunds this year, so no debt repayments. No, if D had passed, during the next recession, it and Amdt. 23 would have crowded out even more of the budget than we saw in the last one with 23 alone.

I did find your history lesson interesting. I can remember when the Post was considered the more conservative of the two. Not any more. I saw that headline, thought to myself, Why are they putting what are obviously editorials on the front page? Have they stooped that low? And then I realized that it was, indeed, an editorial.
11.7.2005 4:40pm
Bruce Hayden (mail) (www):
I should add that one of the things that David was talking about in his article was that right before the election, the Denver Post ran an editorial on the front page of their paper pushing the two referenda. If I remember right, it was on one side and started above the fold. It stated in bold terms that the two referenda were essential, and then in much smaller type that this was an editorial.
11.7.2005 4:45pm
Huggy (mail):
Why do you think C passed?
Why do you think D didn't?
Is the State going to have to pick up some costs since some tax based incentives are gone for some nominal good causes?
11.8.2005 8:04am
Bruce Hayden (mail) (www):
I was frankly surprised that there were that many people who distinguished between the two, and even that D failed. The local media and all the major politicos backed them. I was especially unhappy about Gov. Owens and former Senator, now CU president Hank Brown. Both had had decent reputations as to fiscal conservatism prior to this. In any case, David et al. did seem to get their message out to some extent, given the outcome.

And he knows what is going on at a micro level a lot better than I do, so I will leave the rest of the answer to him.
11.8.2005 9:44am
Don DuMond (mail):
Personally, I think the most exasperating aspect of the media pro-C and D campaign has been the selective outrage against the opponents. Numerous columnists have pointed to, for example, the supposed deception of "No Refund For You" (people apparently taking this to include income tax refunds) while being completely silent on the deception of "while not increasing taxes." Opponents have even been accused of using scare tactics. What hypocrisy! The whole campaign was based on a chicken little-esque sky falling scenario preventable only with more taxes.
11.10.2005 10:57pm