"Study Explains Why Three Stooges Funny To Men":
A new study by a Stanford researcher suggests that men like the Three Stooges more than women because men are less analytical about humor. That Stanford fella is a real wise guy, eh? Soitenly! Nyuk nyuk nyuk.
Jimbino (mail):
Women more analytical? How about "mostly lacking in a sense of humor"? And almost absent among the ranks of history's best in comedy and many other pursuits, such as in physics, math, chess, engineering, architecture, fine cabinetmaking, music ...!
11.8.2005 9:29am
Richard Riley (mail):
Unlike my buddies when I was a kid, I never much liked the Three Stooges. Okay, Curly wasn't bad, but I just didn't find the slapstick very funny. Good to learn that it must have been my advanced "analytical machinery" that made me so highbrow.
11.8.2005 9:48am
Per Son:
Jimbino: you must have an ear to ear grin.

My only comment is that money was spent actually researching such a dumb topic. Guys like the Three Stooges more - what next, cold fusion and the identity of DB Cooper!
11.8.2005 9:49am
Jeremy Pierce (mail) (www):
Um... it's not that men like the Three Stooges more. It's why they do. That really is an interesting result, and it's not one even an informed researcher would have predicted.
11.8.2005 10:47am
kipp (mail):
With a sample size of only 10 people from each gender looking at printed, black&white comic strips, the conclusions are incredibly far-reaching. I'm not so much pained that money was spent on this research as I am pained at the treatment these results have gotten in the press. This one, small N study does not indicate much of anything concret about male and female humor response... but toss an MRI scan into any half-baked social psych experiment and suddenly intimate insight into human nature emerges from what would otherwise be the softest kind of soft science.
11.8.2005 11:45am
Ummm...The three stooges aren't funny. I'm a man, BTW.
11.8.2005 12:24pm
tylerh (mail):
I'm male and I never have liked the stooges. Now, is that because I'm more analytical, or becaue I'm more in touch with my feminine side?

Or are the researcher telling us we should us three stooges comics as a negative screen for applicants to analytical jobs?
11.8.2005 1:36pm
vbspurs (mail) (www):
Women more analytical? How about "mostly lacking in a sense of humor"? And almost absent among the ranks of history's best in comedy and many other pursuits, such as in physics, math, chess, engineering, architecture, fine cabinetmaking, music ...!

Nancy boy!

Anyway, I don't like the Three Stooges because they are violent and stupid. And I love the military, so shut, it right.

11.8.2005 2:02pm
JohnO (mail):
I think the Three Stooges are hilarious and sincerely hope that President Bush asked potential Supreme Court nominees about this very important gauge of character in addition to asking Harvie Wilkinson how much he exercised.
11.8.2005 2:08pm
Edward Lee (www):
As fas as I can tell, male Simpsons fans vastly outnumber female Simpsons fans.
11.8.2005 3:49pm
Silicon Valley Jim:
Now for my favorite riddle:

Man: How many women does it take to change a light bulb?

Woman: That's not funny!
11.8.2005 5:01pm
PG (mail) (www):
I once read a romance novelist's analysis of the difference between "male" and "female" humor that, though lacking the Stanford pedigree, struck me as more accurate than the study's. Boiled down, it is that women tend to like community humor, that which draws upon established relationships (think "Friends") and men tend to like more aggressive humor that mocks its targets (think "Seinfeld," "South Park"). Women laugh while identifying with the person in the comedic situation; men laugh while finding the person stupid. Sympathy humor ("aww, oops!") versus superiority humor ("doh!"). I'm not sure where absurdist humor like Monty Python fits into this.
11.8.2005 5:17pm
But what about Aqua Teen Hunger Force? Why doesn't my wife think it's funny?

And do I need a new wife?
11.8.2005 5:22pm
Per Son:
On that point, my wife loves Family Guy and American, but hates the Aqua Teens and Sea Lab 2021.

I must admit that Squidbillies is pretty wretched.

Lastly, did the study also look at whether anyone enjoyed the Robotic Three Stooges?
11.8.2005 6:05pm
Attila (Pillage Idiot) (mail) (www):
SV Jim, the joke is "feminists" changing a light bulb, not women. Most women have a sense of humor; it's feminists, stereotypically, who don't. (That's why the joke is supposed to be funny.)

I also object to the researchers' idea that liking The Three Stooges is not analytical. Allow me to present the following formal syllogism:

Major premise: Eyes are highly sensitive to pressure.

Minor premise: Moe just poked Larry in the eyes with his index and middle fingers.

Conclusion: It would have been even funnier if he had kicked Larry in the groin.
11.8.2005 8:42pm
Dr.T (mail):
Another great sociological/psychological study: They evaluated the humor responses of 10 men and 10 women. The study used only black and white printed cartoons as humor sources. That's right: no spoken, written, acted, or animated cartoon humor. From this small, restrictive study the Stanford 'researchers' draw widespread conclusions about how men and women differ in their responses to humor.

I find their publication of such worthless crap to be NOT humorous. Am I being too analytical?
11.8.2005 9:47pm
Frank Drackmann (mail):
Back in my college days I stayed up to tape a 6 HOUR 3 stooges marathon, painstakingly editing out all the commercial breaks as it progressed. I had taped Stooge marathons before but with the commercials left in so that you had to fast forward to miss them.Of course while on deployment to the middle east, someone stole my tape..and anyone who thinks the 3 stooges arnt funny deserves a dope slap and an eye gouge. MOE"Have you heard of a V-5?"
CURLY "Is that a new engine?" MOE "No,its an old sock!!(punches him in the mouth)
11.9.2005 8:32pm
Frequent Lurker:
What's so freakin' hard to figure out? Moe hit Shemp with a wrench. A wrench!!! It's freakin' brilliant!

Suggested research topics for next Standford study: Why do men like beer, football, pictures of naked women... the potential list is endless.
11.10.2005 11:41am