New Law Professor Blogging Census:
Over at Concurring Opinions, Daniel Solove has published a new census of law professor blogs. Here are some of the key findings:
1. Since mid-June, the number of law professor bloggers has gone up from 130 to 182. As Dan points out, that's a forty percent increase in less than five months.

2. Twenty-three percent of current lawprof bloggers are female, up slightly from twenty-one percent in June.

3. Thirty-two percent of lawprof bloggers are at institutions ranked in the latest U.S. News "top 20."
  Dan's post has all the details, including links to all of the blogs and the homepages of the bloggers.
CrazyTrain (mail):
Re the Top 20 comment: I must say that I hadn't thought of that before but the comparatively better law prof bloggers here at VC do seem to teach at the top 20 schools. I'll leave it at that.
11.8.2005 2:23am
Robert Schwartz (mail):
What per-centage of them are un-tenured?
11.8.2005 12:19pm