We're No 1!:
In a new survey, Harvard Law School students ranked Harvard Law School as the #1 law school in the United States. In another survey, students nationwide voted the student body at Harvard Law School most likely to rank Harvard #1. (Okay, the second survey is fictional; the first one isn't.) Link via Paul Caron.
Sasha (mail):
This isn't as stupid as it looks -- it's true that in general, people like to answer surveys in ways that validate their own choices. But the point of the linked Harvard Law Record article is that HLS students rank HLS #1 even though they're always miserable and complaining.

I remember how, when I was considering law schools, I used to choose a couple of random students and ask them whether I should attend. Yale students were strongly supportive of their school; Chicago students were all "I wasn't expecting to like it here but actually suprisingly I like it a lot"; the mellow Stanford students were all "Dude, it's great here"; and a couple of Harvard students actually told me "Don't come here, you'll be miserable!"

Well, after all that, I chose Harvard, and I had a great time. But this of the grousing is true. You'd expect Yalies to think they're #1, same for Chicago and Stanford; Harvard, not necessarily.
11.8.2005 2:40pm
From what I understand, the yield rates at Yale are significantly higher than at Harvard - and among people who get into both, Yale is the overwhelming choice. I suspect that few of the JD students who responded to the survey were accepted at Yale, and that many of them were rejected there. Since it seems silly to think that law students (especially 1Ls) have any insight into the relative quality of their law school beyond what they can glean from US News and the Leiter Report, it's at least possible that the survey responses reflect sour grapes.
11.8.2005 2:57pm
Bryan DB:
I think that what's interesting is that the vote was so close, not that Harvard was #1.
11.8.2005 3:00pm
NYU Jew (mail):

You were told you'd be miserable at HLS and still went there? What exactly were you looking for in a law school???
11.8.2005 3:19pm
nc_litigator (mail):
except for putting Harvard #1 instead of #2, the students regurgitated the US news rankings for the most part, making that fantasy their own reality.
11.8.2005 3:34pm
sir mix a lot:
I would rank Yale #1 if only for the fact that I got into HLS and didn't get into Yale.
11.8.2005 3:34pm
Rich K (mail) (www):
Regurgitated? Northwestern below Georgetown! Pshaw!
11.8.2005 4:14pm
Shelby (mail):
So, is it time for a survey of which is the #1 law blog? Can N.Z. Bear run it and aggregate results by responses at each site?
11.8.2005 4:40pm
This just goes to show how out-of-touch HLS students are. Stanford is clearly the #1 law school in the US. :-P
11.8.2005 7:38pm
Guest44 (mail):
I think things have changed enough since Sasha's time. Nearly all of my friends are very happy here.

I'm not sure the purpose of the survey, still. It was very easy to opt out of it: just had to delete one email, as I did.

I agree that most students here applied to YLS and did not get in.
11.9.2005 7:09am
stealthlawprof (mail) (www):
Now all we need is for HLS to trumpet this in a 100-page full color publication mailed to every law faculty member nationwide. Then, HLS might be able to compete with NYU for the title of law porn queen.
11.9.2005 11:46am
HLS griping is nothing more than the natural extension of the ethic that there is virtue in suffering. HLS students believe that since they are suffering more than their contemporaries at Yale and Stanford, then the HLS experience is more valuable.

I experienced the same phenomenon as an undergraduate there. Went to Georgetown Law. Much happier place-same quality legal education. (11th--rubbish!!)
11.9.2005 4:38pm