Professor Alito:
The Washington Post has an interesting story about a seminar Sam Alito taught on "Terrorism and Civil Liberties" at Seton Hall Law School.
Bruce Hayden (mail) (www):
Interesting. It obviously paints Judge Alito in a very positive light. I do wonder though if this is evidence that the intelligent part of the left is pulling back from seriously opposing his ascession to the High Court.
11.9.2005 9:59am
I took a very similar course with John Yoo when he was visiting at Chicago. I'd say much the same things about Yoo's performance in that course (eg, he didn't come across as having an agenda to push certain conclusions, he was receptive to a variety of different positions, and generally seemed most interested in just encouraging us to think about the deep issues involved).

Obviously, the similarity to my experiences with Yoo doesn't mean that Alito shares Yoo's personal views on these issues. I also don't mean to suggest that Yoo was in any sense being dishonest (indeed, one can be receptive to other views and still come to strong conclusions). But I note all this just to suggest that how one conducts a seminar does not necessarily tell you much about that person's own views.
11.9.2005 10:10am
Phil (mail):
Looking at the student comments, I think that professors just like it when students think. In law school, I took a seminar in international jurisprudence and disagreed with the Prof as much as anyone. I received the highest grade in the class. I agree, however, that reading anything into Alito's views would be a big mistake. (I discovered after the class was finished thta the professor's actual views and my actual views were substantially closer than anyone could have guessed.)
11.9.2005 10:48am
Bruce Wilder (www):
Alito is clearly a highly intelligent and thoughtful individual. I am not surprised that he enjoys thinking and teaching.

I am more than a little uneasy, though, with the notion that "there is little guidance in the Constitution or case law for where executive power ends and civil liberties begin in times of national emergency."
11.9.2005 12:30pm