Call Me Nino:
Linda Greenhouse offers a very interesting report on the first few weeks of the Roberts Court.
Greedy Clerk (mail):
Am I the only one who feels bad for Justice Breyer? Finally, after over ten years, there is a new Justice on the Court so Breyer no longer has to open the door and be the last to talk, etc. But alas, the new Justice is the Chief so poor Justice Breyer remains last among equals.
11.9.2005 6:28pm
KeithK (mail):
My heart bleeds for the poor Associate Justice, who has a job for life and enormous influence because tradition dictates that he still has to open the door for another couple of months...
11.9.2005 8:22pm
Syd (mail):
Now we know the real reason Bush appointed Harriet Miers. Does the junior Associate Justice also have to make coffee?
11.9.2005 10:40pm
Demurrer (mail):
They should make him mop the floor too...
11.11.2005 8:08pm