Black on Harvard Survey:

The other day, Orin linked to the Harvard student survey of "best law schools." Paul Caron has posted Professor Bernie Black's response. The SSRN rankings are available here.

I believe the link needs to be fixed...?
11.10.2005 10:46am
Rich K (mail) (www):
Paul Caron's latest post is here.
11.10.2005 11:03am
Guest2 (mail):
Thanks, Rich K
11.10.2005 11:53am
Come on, the rankings were obviously meant as a joke.
11.10.2005 1:46pm
Guest2 (mail):
And it should also be noted these rankings were assembled & published by the HLS student-run newspaper. They were not in any way the doing of the school itself.
11.10.2005 2:15pm
3Lanon (mail):
The picture looks like Michael Kinsley.
11.10.2005 3:57pm
HLS Student #2:
Was the joke that subtle? I can't believe the HLS'ers (including Orin) are the only ones who picked up on it??
11.10.2005 6:28pm
Guest2 (mail):
Lawyers can be very touchy about this sort of thing. Have you seen the GEICO commercial with the two cavemen Neanderthals who are offended by ad copy implying that cavemen are stupid? "Nothing for me. I don't have much of an appetite." You can substitute Prof. X--- for one of them.
11.10.2005 6:45pm
Guest44 (mail):
Folks need to settle down here. We (HLS students) got a single email with a link asking us to participate in a survey. Most people probably deleted it. I doubt the ones who did participate put any thought into it.

The results are meaningless in every sense.
11.11.2005 7:32am