Latest on Kelo and New London:

Tom Blumer has the latest, including an upset victory by two upstarts on Election Day.

Lorenzo (mail):
This is all much ado about locking up the horse after the barn door has been stolen. It's politics, and it won't change the SCOTUS decision. It's too bad this political activity didn't occur 3-4 years ago.
11.11.2005 5:25pm
It doesn't change the SCOTUS decision. But that decision only authorized the lcoal folks to kick out the homeowners, it didn't require that action.

The homeowners are entitled to use the political process to try to save their homes. If they succeed, people will blame the NLDC (and its lead partner, Pfizer) for wasting everyone's time and money trying to take land by force rather than build on the land they could purchase voluntarily.
11.12.2005 3:24pm