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Phrases in Common:

What do these two phrases have in common?

  • Estate Taxes

  • Grade A Eggs

What about these two?

  • Opium Poppy

  • Opinion Poll

Answer below.


uh clem (mail):
What do these phrases have in common?

Puppy Quip
Yak Joke

(Hint: the only word I can find on the right is cmw) .
11.11.2005 11:37am
anonymous coward:
I'm with uh clem: damn your qwerty-normative puzzles!
11.11.2005 11:40am
Nick (www):
To uh clum:
Both "Puppy Quip" and "Yak Joke" are only typed using the left hand on the Dvorak Keyboard layout.

And to Kevin... because you capitalized the first word in your phrases, technically you type them with both hands because the shift key is always pressed using the opposite hand.
11.11.2005 11:46am
Dustin Ragan (mail) (www):
While you may normally type the words with both hands, it is possible to type them with just one--use your pinky to hit the shift key and stretch out your hand as needed.
11.11.2005 12:11pm
Goober (mail):
Uhh... I was just going to wish Kevan a speedy recovery. I didn't you had to get all nerded-up in here.
11.11.2005 12:18pm
Jason Fliegel (mail):
Dustin Ragan -- If we're going to depart from touch typing by using the "wrong" hand to hit the shift key, we might as well depart altogether, in which case all words can be typed with either hand (my Qwerty keyboard's "a" key works just fine when I hit it with my right hand!)
11.11.2005 12:36pm
Sigivald (mail):
I think the whole point, Jason, is that this riddle is answerable only by proper-technique touch typists.

Not self-taught typists, who may not have to look (and are thus touch-typing), but don't use their hands in the "proper" manner, and of course not anyone who isn't a touch-typist.
11.11.2005 12:56pm
Here's a simple one: What's the only state capital that can be typed exclusively with one hand? It's easy if you look it up, obviously.
11.11.2005 1:02pm
Sigivald, isn't that Jason's point?
11.11.2005 1:03pm
Robert Ayers (mail):
If you want more of this, try the book Language on Vacation by Dmitri Borgmann. Sample: the longest everyday word that can be typed using only the top (qwerty) letter row of a typewriter is ... "typewriter"!
11.11.2005 1:07pm
Sasha (mail):
Roto Rooter
11.11.2005 1:14pm
Stephen Aslett (mail):
Well, maybe for you QWERTY users, but in Dvorak, both those phrases are typed with both hands.

Perhaps you should invest in a left-handed only dvorak keyboard?
11.11.2005 1:27pm
SP (mail):
11.11.2005 1:27pm
The best!
11.11.2005 1:30pm
11.11.2005 4:09pm
The predictable Guy:

No, the answer is, of course, that none of these have ever been in my kitchen.

Except for "Grade A Eggs", of course. Very few kitchens have never had Grade A Eggs in them.

And, I do remember having on more than one occasion been phoned for an opinion poll on the kitchen telephone. So that one's out.

Come to think of it, the people I bought my house from inherited it from a parent, so estate taxes were once in, or at least associated with, my kitchen.

So that leaves only opium po. . . oh yeah. . . that one time. . .

The correct answer is that all of them have been in my kitchen.
11.11.2005 4:22pm
bottom row guy:

11.11.2005 5:02pm
mikem (mail):
Geek heaven.
11.11.2005 11:13pm