Peter Drucker RIP

Management guru Peter Drucker died yesterday. Here is the NYT obit. Peter Schramm has more thoughts here.

AppSocREs (mail):
One of my all-time favorite Drucker essays was on Freud. Drucker grew up in the same Jewish sub-culture of fin-de-siecle Vienna as Freud. He argued that Freud's emphasis on sex caused him to miss the underlying cause of neurosis and anxiety among his patients -- worries about class and status and their primary determinative, money. Drucker took several of Freud's more famous published cases and demonstrated -- using information provided in Freud's descriptions -- that anxieties about financial resources and social standing were much more reasonable explanations of the patients' problems than were their sexual experiences. It was a typical essay by Drucker: interesting, well-informed, and thought-provoking. Drucker was truly one of the great intellectuals of the past century.
11.12.2005 12:37pm
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