Appellate Decisions Blog:
For a daily review of interesting federal court of appeals cases, check out the 5-week old blog Decision of the Day, by the pseudonymous "Robert Loblaw." Thanks to Michael Cernovich for the recommendation.
Good to know that Bob Loblaw is staying active despite the imminent cancellation of "Arrested Development."
12.3.2005 12:52pm
Chico's Bail Bonds (mail):
Fox will soon be saying, "I've made a huge mistake."
12.3.2005 2:58pm
Wintermute (www):
I left a comment asking him to turn on an Atom feed for the site.
12.3.2005 3:43pm
MikeC&F (mail):
Bloglines picks up the feed just fine.
12.3.2005 4:17pm
NYU Jew (mail):
If Arrested Development does go off the air, hopefully it will return a la The Family Guy.
12.3.2005 7:26pm
DelVerSiSogna (mail):
It's about time someone started doing what Howard Bashman used to do, before he turned his site into a list of every law-related headline on the Internet.
12.3.2005 7:27pm
Anderson (mail) (www):
True, "How Appealing" has become increasingly difficult to read, valuable tho it is. Possibly it's trying to be two different blogs at once: a "judicial news" roundup and an appellate-decision roundup. Splitting the functions into different columns on the same page, or different blogs even, might not be a bad idea.
12.3.2005 11:27pm
do you think Howard still does his own blogging, or is there some sort of intern? As it has moved from an appellate law roundup to a judicial news roundup, I've always wondered whether someone else had taken over the day-to-day work.

If so, I can hardly blame him. Blogging like that is a ridiculous time commitment.

In any event, I'm glad someone has decided to start doing what Howard used to do -- seek out noteworthy appellate opinions around the country. Even better that it's Bob Loblaw doing the job. Maybe Barry Zuckerkorn can guest blog.
12.4.2005 8:52pm
Robert Loblaw (mail) (www):
Thanks for the plug. Quite an honor for a fledgling blogger like me.
12.9.2005 9:09pm