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What famous person

has six vowels in his/her full name, all of which are the same? (e.g., Adam Casablanca, if he existed.)

UPDATE: I can think of at least two, both very famous.

Renee Zellweger
12.12.2005 12:53pm
Adam Casablanca (mail):
You mean, if I existed and were famous.
12.12.2005 12:54pm
el jefe:
John Vanbiesbrouck

(who has the added advantage of having exactly one of each vowel in his last name)
12.12.2005 12:55pm
Roger Zimmerman (mail):
I always loved Aurelio Rodriguez' name (he played third for the Angels 70s, and then went on to many other teams). All 5 in his first name, 4/5 in his last!
12.12.2005 1:18pm
Kevan Choset (mail):
There's another one besides Renee.
12.12.2005 1:43pm
Ellen DeGeneres
12.12.2005 1:52pm
StevenT (mail):
If nicknames count I've got one with seven:
PeeWee Reese
12.12.2005 1:59pm
For a non-E name, there's Russian historian Abraham Harkavy. I'm sure it was on the tips of everyone's tongues.
12.12.2005 2:24pm
If by "full name" you mean first, middle, and last, Daniel Kahikina Akaka has six As in his "full name." Then again, maybe Senators -- especially those from Hawaii -- don't count as "famous" people, and maybe middle names don't count toward "full names."
12.12.2005 2:59pm
Matt Bruce (mail):
Is Canaan Banana sufficiently famous?
12.12.2005 3:08pm
James Taranto (mail) (www):
None of them have ever been in my kitchen.
12.12.2005 3:36pm
Tennessee Ernie (mail):
I'm surprised that Finnish composer Einojuhani Rautavaara isn't on the tip of everyone's tongue.
12.12.2005 3:45pm
Nikolai Alexandrovich Romanov, Emperor and Autocrat of All the Russias

9 A's!
12.12.2005 4:17pm
uwojames (mail):
Alan Alda
12.12.2005 7:08pm
tired of blogs:
All but three posters need to read the prompt...
12.12.2005 10:17pm