Pro-Alito Ad Goes Over the Top:
Is it just me, or does this pro-Alito advertisement seem like something from Saturday Night Live? Hat tip: Bench Memos.
I believe this is what mom was talking about when she said "Don't stoop to their level."
12.12.2005 3:32pm
Teresa (mail) (www):
Nope it's not just you - very weird ad... I'd say - well if they want to waste their money - but it makes Alito look bad when he had nothing to do with it.
12.12.2005 3:33pm
Seamus (mail):
I wish it were something found only on Saturday Night Live, but ever since the infamous anti-Bork ad narrated by Gregory Peck, I think we've come to expect this kind of distortion of the reasons why a judge might rule one way or the other.
12.12.2005 3:47pm
T-Na Fey:
Whatever, Orin. You just don't want to live in the right kind of America. You must want 6-year-olds to have to hide crack pipes up their bums.

Judge Alito breathes air. Liberal Extremist groups oppose Judge Alito. Let them have their way and say goodbye to oxygen, my friends.
12.12.2005 3:51pm
Anderson (mail) (www):
Judge Alito breathes air. Liberal Extremist groups oppose Judge Alito. Let them have their way and say goodbye to oxygen, my friends.

Exactly. L.A. teems with liberal extremists, and look how far the War on Oxygen has succeeded!
12.12.2005 4:24pm
Per Son:
That ad is the biggest piece of garbarge ever.

In my America - police officers get proper warrants.

In my America - police abide by the terms of warrants.

In my America - nominated Justices do not have "tough or not tough on crime positions," rather, they have constitutional positions.

In my America - judicial confirmation politics stink real bad.
12.12.2005 4:36pm
Nicholas Gillard-Byers (mail):
I love that the whois information for the website lists keywords such as "bush", "conservative", "gop", and "republican" without any antonyms. I haven't found any evidence that they are a 501(c)(3) (and thus disallowed from being tied to a candidate), but the website is registered to a woman (Rebecca Donatelli) who founded and runs Campaign Solutions, a fundraising-management site for Republican campaigns at all levels (including the Bush-Cheney '04). They were also implicated in hacking a Democratic campaign site. And conservatives accuse liberals of being the party of criticism and negativity? Let's see some ownership or condemnation from the republican party on this one.
12.12.2005 4:40pm
stealthlawprof (mail) (www):
JRL is correct; it is stooping to their level. If Ted Kennedy had copyrighted his "Robert Bork's America" speech, he could probably sue for infringement. The ad justifiably engenders chagrin from thoughtful supporters of the nomination (and no doubt from Judge Alito himself). There is, however, no standing whatsoever for the nomination's opponents to cry foul.
12.12.2005 5:08pm
RPS (mail):
If you found the ad generally amusing and we are talking about this season, then, no, you would not find it on SNL.
12.12.2005 5:19pm
Richard Bellamy (mail):
Are "drug dealers who hide their drugs on children" a large lobbying group? How do their political donations compare to "cartoonishly fat white men with dollar signs on their cigars and suit lapels."
12.12.2005 5:22pm
Humble Law Student:
hahah, I loved that ad. Orin, are you on the side of the drug dealers? lol. It was great.
12.12.2005 5:29pm
Greedy Clerk (mail):
Great ad. Seems almost as absurd as David Kopel's post re Cindy Sheehan.
12.12.2005 6:02pm
Nicole Black (mail) (www):
Definitely has a very SNL feel to it. Hard to believe that they're serious, but then again, maybe not.
12.12.2005 6:03pm
Reminds me of the classic SNL bit with the two local candidates with duelling ads, which ends with one promising that he or she will "go out and shoot criminals *before* they get to commit their crimes!"

Maybe Bashman can find the link to what I'm remembering.
12.12.2005 6:28pm
The Original TS (mail):
I've been thinking for a while that the next step in dirty campaigning will be to "support" a candidate by running ads that make him and his supporters look insane. "Crackheads for Bush!" or "Fundamentialist Mullas for Kerry!"

Looks like we've taken that next step.
12.12.2005 7:27pm
gr (www):
Should it be compared to the one that NARAL had to withdraw on roberts? This one expressly makes the clearly wrong claim that Alito's opinion prevents drug dealers from hiding their drugs with children. While the reality is that the warrant could simply mention the child.
12.12.2005 9:24pm
Smithy (mail):
What's so bad about that commercial? It's certainly more fair than that NARAL commercial.
12.13.2005 1:23am
ROger (mail) (www):
It is a shame that in this day and age, most Americans that form an opinion about a judicial nominee won't even read his opinions. For the life of me, I don't understand why someone can consider themselves a real American speak out on a nominee without reading his opinions.

I assume that "T-Na Fey" and the producers of this ad have read all of his opinions. If she has not, then she is doing damage to America

(So far I have read 200 of them, and my love of my country prevents me from taking a position on him.)
12.13.2005 7:32am
Kevin L. Connors (mail) (www):
"Nobody ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American public." -- H.L. Mencken
12.13.2005 11:38am
Gordon (mail):
Stupidity reigns at both ends of the political spectrum.

Which is a horseshoe, not a spectrum.
12.13.2005 11:54am
Harriet Miers' Law Partner:
What's interesting here is the subliminal message...when the screen flashes "Their America" ("Their" referring to "liberal extremists") you see children playing on the playground and then an arrested person (presumably for criminal behavior, not civil disobedience) being placed in a squad car...So I guess in an America run by the "conservative extremists", children no longer play on playgrounds and criminals are no longer arrested?
12.13.2005 4:59pm