"Teaching Fellowships for Aspiring Law Professors":

Paul Caron (TaxProf) provides a long list of options (certainly not limited to tax).

UPDATE: Turns out that Harvard has a new fellowship -- and a very attractive (though I'm sure very competitive) one at that. It's in the Health Law Policy, Biotechnology and Bioethics program; they're planning to have 8 fellowships, which will be for staggered terms of 2 years, $60,000/year, with no teaching obligations, just time and money that lets young scholars write the articles that they'll need to get their careers started. Nice work, if you can get it.

James Grimmelmann (mail) (www):
The Information Society Project at Yale also has a fellowship program for future professors that requires no teaching. The emphasis is squarely on giving the fellows time to write.

It specializes in technology law, but that runs the gamut from telecommunications to bioethics. I can say from experience that the ISP is the bee's knees. It's also recently gotten grants from Microsoft and the Knight Foundation, so there will be a lot going on there in the next few years and a lot of opportunity for fellows to drive the agenda.
12.15.2005 11:38pm