Well, Maybe If You're Sailing to Easter Island:

A Nov. 27 L.A. Times Travel section article bears the headline "Chile; Adventure, Due South."

Michelle Dulak Thomson (mail):
Yes, I guess Easter Island is pretty much due south of LA, and belongs to Chile. I think it'd be kind of fun myself, but I'm that sorry sort of person who'd want to visit Jersey and Guernsey.
12.16.2005 12:57am
adfh (mail):
12.16.2005 1:55am
NickM (mail) (www):
I dare say finding yourself in the Pacific Ocean miles from land would be quite an adventure.

12.16.2005 5:31am
Alex R:
Living in New Jersey, I don't find the headline all that ridiculous...
12.16.2005 7:09am
Gordon (mail):
I went to Chile for a very enjoyable two weeks in February 2002. But I suffered jet lag, because of the five-hour time differential between Oregon and Chile. Even though one of the hours was due to reverse daylight savings time, this puts Chile in the time zone east of the U.S. Eastern Seaboard.
12.16.2005 11:44am
Random Angeleno:
The article was about driving (more or less) due south from the northern to southern tip of Chile in a 4x4 (at least one of the articles in the section from that day was), not travelling to Chile from L.A.. Title seems to fit the article perfectly well to me.
12.16.2005 12:43pm
Jimbino (mail):
Gordon, who gets jet lag from Daylight Savings Time, probably flips upside down when he crosses to negative latitudes and a real headache when he crosses the international date line.
12.16.2005 4:46pm
Gordon (mail):
And the toilet water swirls the wrong way too. Go figure! I took my skis down there for some February schussing, and was mighty disappointed!
12.16.2005 5:29pm
Dilan Esper (mail) (www):
Professor Volokh is right, and I never realized it until the first time I went to South America-- and discovered that Lima, Peru, on the Pacific Ocean, is in the EASTERN time zone.
12.16.2005 6:13pm
Reminds me of the movie "Krakatoa, East of Java."

Look at a map; it's west............
12.16.2005 6:34pm
Seany Boy:
It's East if you keep going long enough...
12.18.2005 1:08am
Thief (mail) (www):
I went to Chile for a semester while in college. IIRC, the time zone in Santiago was exactly the same as EST on Daylight Savings.
12.18.2005 3:11pm