TypePad Problems:
TypePad is encountering problems right now, details here. So if some of your favorite blogs are acting strangely, it's not you. Or at least there may be other explanations.
DNL (mail):
Thanks. I was wondering why my baseball news was a week out of date, and then suddenly gone!
12.16.2005 12:53pm
The NJ Annuitant (mail):
TaxProfBlog is also showing Dec. 10.
12.16.2005 1:40pm
12.16.2005 1:51pm
Paul Secunda (mail) (www):
Good news. We're all back up (including Workplace Prof Blog).
12.16.2005 8:02pm
procrastinating clerk (mail):
See what happens when you question the NSA
12.16.2005 8:03pm
Wintermute (www):
I use Blogger myself, but I have noticed that WordPress generates a separate RSS feed for comments to each post. This is a feature all blogging software needs, because it makes following a discussion much easier.
12.16.2005 10:11pm