Former Alito Clerks -- And A Current Colleague -- on C-SPAN:
It's a slow news day here at the VC for some reason, so I thought I would fill in the void by pointing out that two of my friends were on C-Span's America and the Courts feature this weekend talking about their experiences clerking for Judge Alito. Jeff Wasserstein clerked for Judge Alito in 1997-98, the year I clerked for Judge Garth in the same courthouse complex. Hannah Smith clerked for Justice Thomas the year I was clerking for Justice Kennedy. I don't know Gary Rubman, who clerked for Alito in 2000-01, but I like him already because he graduated from GW Law; based on that fact alone, I can assure you that he is a man of outstanding character and judgment. (Based on last week's experience, some commenters will think this is just "propaganda"; I assure you that I'm just trying to embarrass my friends. Also, it would be really weird if that 3-line link to Marty's post were the only VC post on a Monday, wouldn't it?)

  Oh, and while you're at it, check out the interview with the always-interesting Judge Edward Becker, one of Judge Alito's colleagues on the Third Circuit. It begins at the 27 minute mark. Thanks to Howard for the link.
Jay Louis (mail):
I happened to catch much of that C-Span show this past Saturday. I found it humorous when Judge Becker almost said that he has spent 35 thousand years on the 3rd Circuit. :-)

The "America and the Courts" series is one of C-Span's best programs in my opinion. C-Span does an excellent job providing a calm and serious look at all aspects of our federal government. So, congrats to C-Span! :-)
1.2.2006 5:46pm
M. Lederman (mail):
But sometimes Marty's posts really are more important than everything else happening that day! ;-)
1.2.2006 6:08pm
Kevin L. Connors (mail) (www):
It's slow all over, Orin. I think things will start to get back to normal tomorrow, when people return to "work".
1.2.2006 8:30pm
Work? What is this thing called work? Hmm, go figure.
1.2.2006 9:35pm
magoo (mail):
Once again, under the pretense of "neutrality," Orin, Judge Becker, and all 55 former Alito clerks (conservatives, liberal, and independents) have joined the vast right-wing conspiracy to convince the country that Judge Alito isn't a radical extremist. C-Span, too, is obviously in cahoots. I've never trusted that Brian Lamb.
1.2.2006 10:05pm
Smithy (mail):
Alito is going to make a great justice. It's a little disappointing that Roberts, not Alito, has been made Chief Justice for Alito is certainly the greater intellect. If Alito-Scalia-Thomas-Roberts can get one of the justices to come over to their side, we might be able to roll back not only Roe v. Wade but also Griswold and possibly even Baker v. Carr. But I'm in a wishful mood, I suppose.
1.2.2006 10:43pm
Ross Levatter (mail):
I'm concerned that Smithy's wishful mood might very well go on to wish away the 9th amendment.
1.2.2006 11:50pm
Smithy (mail):
I'm not a big fan of the broad interpretation that some liberal jurists have given the Ninth Amendment, in fact. I don't think it explicitly guarantees that much, but some on the left act as though it promised the moon.
1.3.2006 12:12am