Bob Loblaw Law Blog:

For the few dozen of us who watch the brilliant Arrested Development, it turns out that there is in fact a "Bob Loblaw Law Blog" (although it is a real blog run by attorney Robert Loblaw).

There is actually an website and blog as well. This one is a spoof site set up by the Arrested Development guys.

I still can't believe they are canceling the show. Is there any other show that could pull off the self-referential parody of its pending demise. At least there are a few more episodes--and those Season 1 & 2 dvd's I gave to my wife for Christmas.


I should have said that "Robert Loblaw" is a pseudonym for a real attorney, as opposed to an Arrested Development spoof blog (like Imoscar).

Rich K (mail) (www):
I just started watching the show on DVD, and it is really hilarious. I feel bad for not watching before -- it's by far the funniest show on broadcast television. And, while Fox has now established a precedent by bringing Family Guy back, that seems like a much longer shot with a show like AD.

Watching the rest of the series will definetely be bittersweet.
1.9.2006 10:17am
Scott Moss (mail) (www):
Aaron Sorkin's first TV show, the brilliant "Sports Night," did just this sort of self-referential parody of its impending cancellation. The show was about a "Sportscenter"-type cable sports news show. It lasted two seasons, and the second season was basically about officious, ignorant "suits" from "the network" threatening to break up the show unless they dumbed it down enough to appeal to a mass audience. One of the actors (Josh Malina), years later, opined that the ratings were slightly improving during season 2, so perhaps the show could've survived -- had Sorkin not antagonized ABC with his portrayal of the dumb-yet-threateningly-evil network execs...
1.9.2006 10:23am
Dave! (mail) (www):
The last episode was brilliant... all the references to HBO... Showtime... It showed just what a sense of humor the writers and cast of that show really have. What is Fox thinking?!?!
1.9.2006 10:25am
John Jenkins (mail):
Fox is thinking ratings = $$$ and this show has low ratings therefore we must cancel the show. Everyone always whines when their favorite shows (or shows they like) are cancelled, but the fact is that no matter how good you think it is (and I take no position having never seen this particular show), the ratings don't bear that out.
1.9.2006 10:36am
Tiger8 (mail):
To be sure this is a Bob Loblaw Law Blog Law Bomb if I've ever seen one. The brilliance of AD, in my humble opinion, far surpasses the humor of any sitcom in the last 10 years, Seinfeld included. But I guess Americans demand more House and The OC*.

*I shouldn't call it that.
1.9.2006 10:38am
Ian D-B (mail):
Don't forget about The mentioned it in the show (even flashed it on the screen). It gives names and addresses of fox execs to call and write to.
1.9.2006 11:13am
Frank J. (mail) (www):
I think Arrested Development has killed itself with too many in jokes (my wife and I have watched all the episodes, and we laugh so hard sometimes we have to pause the Tivo to recover). Still, there seems to be some promise with them moving to Showtime.

Now I have to e-mail this post to my wife; she'll get such a kick out of it.
1.9.2006 11:22am
JosephSlater (mail):
It is so sad that this great show is being cancelled. I thought I read somewhere that Showtime was considering picking it up. Does anybody know anything about that?
1.9.2006 11:35am
Jason Fliegel (mail):
Word is that both Showtime and ABC are considering picking it up, though neither deal is anywhere close to complete.

If this show does move, I will follow it to whatever network on which it winds up. If it goes to Univision, I will learn Spanish just so I can watch it.
1.9.2006 12:55pm
Tiger8 (mail):
Amen, hermano! If it moves to Univision, though, I suspect the show's name will change to El Amor Prohibido.
1.9.2006 1:15pm
Rich K (mail) (www):
You know hermano??

Fox is making a terrible mistake.
1.9.2006 2:44pm
Tiger8 (mail):
Indeed. But maybe they're not canceling the show after all. Perhaps this is all one big trick on the fans...excuse me, illusion.
1.9.2006 4:49pm
Bob Loblaw (www):
Yes indeed.
1.9.2006 8:24pm
Master Shake:

it turns out that there is in fact a "Bob Loblaw Law Blog" (although it is a real blog run by attorney Robert Loblaw).
I hope I'm not stating the obvious to point out that the attorney's name isn't really Robert Loblaw.
1.9.2006 8:58pm