A Watch With Six Minute Increments:
From the Billable Hour. Link via the WSJ Law Blog.
I'm particularly impressed by the fact that they offer "lawyer's love sets," advertised with little heart icons, in male-female, male-male, and female-female pairings. Says a lot about how society has changed.
1.18.2006 2:59am
treefroggy (mail):
What's needed is a calculator watch which would allow for the input of hourly rates. The display would be in dollars instead of minutes.
1.18.2006 12:39pm
Mary Katherine Day-Petrano (mail):
I will have to get one for my husband's client phone calls. The his/hers will have to wait until the Supreme Court orders my Americans With Disabilities Act bar admission.
1.18.2006 1:05pm
The Original TS (mail):
Heh. Quite amusing. This would actually be pretty useful if it had a bezel so you easily mark start times.
1.18.2006 1:17pm
It needs a feature to add billing time that wasn't actually worked, like Webb Hubbell.
1.18.2006 3:06pm