R.W. Bradford, R.I.P.

I just discovered that R.W. Bradford, publisher of the libertarian magazine Liberty died in December while I was away in Israel. I've always enjoyed Liberty, and published a couple of pieces there. With Reason Magazine lately going off on many counter-cultural and otherwise uninteresting tangents, Liberty was often the only place or a one could, for example, find intelligent reviews of the latest libertarian-themed books. Liberty has waned in imported to the libertarian movement over time as blogs have provided a new, cheap, and immediate outlet for libertarian writers. But for quite a while, Liberty was the only outlet I knew of where (mostly) non-strident libertarians regularly discussed and debated important issues, and one could get the latest, objective news on libertarian goings-on.

Anyway, I close with a brief tribute from a good friend of mine and avid reader, who sent me the following email:

I just found out two days ago that R. W. Bradford died. I find myself surprisingly saddened by this--after all, I never met him and have only the vaguest idea of what he looks like. He has been one of my favorite writers for the last fifteen years or so.... I have many "favorite" writers. All of them have achieved a certain amount of acclaim--except Bradford, who is very obscure. I'm not sure that I have ever come across the work of a writer who (in my estimation) writes (wrote) so well yet remains so obscure.

Defending the Indefensible:
I think my most significant recollection of R.W. Bradford is his involvement in the debate with Wendy McElroy over the morality of voting.
1.21.2006 12:27am
I've enjoyed reading R.W. Bradford's articles for many years and was saddened to hear of his passing. I particularly enjoyed his very critical analyses on the Libertarian Party. I will continue to read Liberty, which I believe remains in very capable hands who will do Bill proud.
1.21.2006 5:07am
ctw (mail):
"blogs have provided a new, cheap, and immediate outlet for libertarian writers"

your top three or so?
1.21.2006 10:07am
Ananda (mail):
My top three hardcore libertarian blogs would be: Agoraphilia, The Agitator, and Cafe Hayek.
1.21.2006 3:53pm