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What do these television shows

have in common:

The A-Team, The Wonder Years, Homicide, Family Guy.

Is The Greatest American Hero also on the list?
2.3.2006 10:30am
Richard Bellamy (mail):
They all aired during Sandra Day O'Connor's tenure on the Supreme Court.
2.3.2006 10:34am
4 TV shows that have not been in my kitchen.
2.3.2006 10:42am
Premiered after the Super Bowl.
2.3.2006 10:53am
Shows I have never seen an entire episode of, and don't want to.
2.3.2006 10:59am
All these shows have been parodied on Family Guy.

A-Team: Peter &Company form their own A-Team.
Wonder Years: One of the many tv shows that the family watches (I'm pretty sure, but this is my weak one)
Homicide: "Homicide:Life on Sesame Street" featuring the drunk Bert that's abusive of his male lover Ernie.
Family Guy: numerous times, most prominently when they did the reality show about Meg.
2.3.2006 11:25am
cnwojnar (mail):
The A-Team did not premiere after the Super Bowl.

Actually, the two hour pilot episode aired as an NBC Sunday Night Movie, on January 23, 1983. The first regular 1 hour episode, "Children of Jamestown," aired following the Super Bowl on January 30, 1983. With the next episode, "Pros and Cons," it would move to it's Tuesday night, 8 pm EST time-slot, where it would remain until the 5th-season where it moved to Friday nights at 8 pm.

But the other 3 TV shows mentioned did.
2.3.2006 11:32am
They've all been cancelled at least once :).
2.3.2006 11:49am
Sean Gleeson (mail) (www):
They're all blacklisted by
2.3.2006 12:02pm
Rich K (mail) (www):
Commentation, the wonder years reference in family guy was when peter blamed meg for cutting off cable tv -- meg is sitting in class, weighing in her head whether to accept the blame or peter's promise of a car.
2.3.2006 12:41pm
They were all cancelled and then brought back to TV after cancellation?
2.3.2006 12:52pm
Mystery Meat:
They all subtly advanced the Gay Agenda.
2.3.2006 1:01pm
Justin (mail):
They were all directed by an American? :)
2.3.2006 1:29pm
Jason Fliegel (mail):
All starred Andre Braugher (not counting the A-Team, the Wonder Years, and Family Guy)
2.3.2006 1:30pm
Duffy Pratt (mail):
The were all television shows?
2.3.2006 1:39pm
DJ (mail):
They all star Dirk Benedict.
2.3.2006 1:40pm
1, 2 and 4 make me consider 3.
2.3.2006 1:51pm
Matt Barr (mail) (www):
They all took or take place in blue states.
2.3.2006 2:00pm
Preferred Customer:
Despite huge amounts of violence, no one actually dies.*

Wait, except on Homicide.


*The violence on The Wonder Years is spiritual.
2.3.2006 2:46pm
TC (mail):
Beautiful answers...
2.3.2006 2:46pm
They all hurl?
2.3.2006 3:09pm
Edward A. Hoffman (mail):
2.3.2006 4:13pm
they all suck
2.3.2006 5:05pm
Jon Black (mail):
None of the four were directed Stanley Kubrick at any point.
2.3.2006 5:40pm
SK (mail):
All feature fools. In the A-Team they are pitied, in the Wonder Years they are mocked, in Homicide they are killed, and in Family Guy they are glorified.
2.6.2006 9:22am
Will Puzzleblogger ever give us the real answer?
2.7.2006 12:42pm