Recommendations for PDA-enabled blogs?

As some of you know, I archive most of my postings on my own website, on a blog I call "Kopel's Corner." There's often a lag time of several days or more between when I write for VC and when I get around to copying the item to Kopel's Corner. I also maintain a PDA-friendly version of the KC weblog. I would like to revise the KC PDA weblog's blogroll, so that it includes only PDA-enabled weblogs. If you have suggestions for good weblogs -- particularly ones which focus on politics, policy, law, or religion -- please supply your recommendations in the comments section. Please feel free also to recommend PDA-enabled websites, even if they're not blogs. From my Treo 650, I'm a frequent reader of Instapundit to Go and the PDA version of Powerline, but I would like to learn about more high-quality PDA sites.

Joe Malchow (mail) (www):
I am surprised that more blogs don't craft a PDA version. My site has one (here) but in the interest of broadening the PDA-enabled blog base, I've just posted this text file containing the code for a Movable Type PDA-friendly template of the sort my site, Power Line, and Instapundit use. It will only work on Movable Type, though.

2.24.2006 7:02am
Chris Scoggins (www): is the best way (that I have found) for reading blogs from a PDA. A free, online aggregator it will format any RSS feed into small format. Blogs that don't publish their entire content via RSS are a bit annoying though.

Google is, by far, the best small format website. They reformat any link that you follow from search into a small format collapsing tables and sidebars into a collapsible link.

From a blog perspective Blogger does a great job of formatting every blog into a small format when viewed from a PDA. It strips the sidebars out and compresses pictures.
2.24.2006 10:13am
Raw_Data (mail):
Won't the ebook reader trump the PDA?
2.24.2006 10:15am
M.A. (mail):
Why use the PDA version of Powerline when you can just get the Mehlman-bot 2006 to pump Bush talking points directly into your brain? :>
2.24.2006 10:35am
Anderson (mail) (www):
I don't really want to see public displays of affection on this or any other blogs. Get a chat room, people!
2.24.2006 10:51am
yahonza (mail): is not specifically designed for PDA viewing, but high text to graphics/formatting ratio makes it well worth viewing on the Blackberry.
2.24.2006 11:13am
If you want people to see your site on their PDA, consider publishing it to Avantgo. I have no idea whether it's free for the content provider (it is for the user), but I would be surprised if they charged. It's a very convenient way to sync up a variety of pages in the morning before work, and have them to browse offline all day long. That's especially useful for those of us who work in courthouses or other secured locations without free or easily available wireless access.
2.24.2006 12:15pm
Evan (mail) (www):
If you have any interest in the Texas gubernatorial race (doubtful, I know), my blog is called Rick Perry vs the World. My webguy put a PDA version on the site, but I've never used it.
2.24.2006 12:56pm
Greedy Clerk (mail):
On a slightly related note: A good way to read blogs on PDA's or smartphones is through an RSS reader. For example, I use QuickNews for my Treo, and read Volokh through it. If you have a Treo or other Palm device, you should check it out --- it's a great way of reading blogs on the go --- and can even display pictures if you need it to. (BTW, I am not associated with QuickNews --- I just have noticed both Randy and Dave mention problems with reading non-PDA blogs on their PDA's -- just wanted to give them a friendly tip.)
2.24.2006 1:10pm
SimonD (www):
In theory, anyone visiting my blog using a BlackBerry is automatically redirected to the text-only edition of the site. The code that does this isn't actually that complex - there's just a server-side include that examines the first 10 characters of the HTTP user agent, and if it says "blackberry", it forwards to the text-only page. Simple, but effective.

If anyone using other types of handheld device want to help out expanding the list of detected devices, feel free to drop me an email.
2.27.2006 2:32pm