The Proposed UN Human Rights Council: The Cure is worse than the Disease

That's the conclusion of Canadian human rights lawyer Anne Bayefsky, expressed on the outstanding website Eye on the UN. For continuing coverage of the the "United" Nations, the Eye on the UN website has no peer. It is an absolutely indispensible resource for a concerned global citizen who, although not personally involved in UN affairs, wants to understand what is going on at the United Nations.

logicnazi (mail) (www):
That's a horrible choice of title (theirs not yours). Sounds at first like they are saying the new council is worse than human rights violations.

As to the article itself for all the it's mention of the danish controversy pulling out protections of freedoms the actual draft linked seems to include emphasizing fundamental freedoms. Does anyone know the content of what was taken out? Or was that draft before the removal?

Also I'm curious what social and cultural rights are interpreted to include? Is this a clause defending some liberal view saying traditional cultures are valuable in and of themseles and ought not to be interfered with or something quite different?

Finally could anyone explain what the purpose of having a commission on human rights is in the first place? I mean it would seem a bit silly to have a committee in congress charged with protecting the human rights of US citizens, the whole congress is supposed to do this by passing laws to aid people and retaining our freedoms (though I wouldn't put money that one doesn't exist). Why not just handle human rights by passing resolutions on particular *practices* directly by the general assembelly. Then create some sort of impartial panel of experts/judiciary to determine whether a particular country really was engaging in that practice? I think part of my confusion is that I just don't really understand the concern with human rights in particular as oppossed to human welfare in general. Aren't human rights violations pretty much just really really severe harms to human welfare (i.e. lots of people and really severe)?
2.27.2006 6:43am