Follow-Up To Beauty Study:

Last fall I posted a link to a study on "beauty" and other attributes. The researchers have a follow-up study if you are interested in participating:

Would you like to participate in a scientific study undertaken by Niclas Berggren (The Ratio Institute), Henrik Jordahl (Uppsala University) and Panu Poutvaara (University of Helsinki)? They are studying whether beauty and some related traits play a role in politics. This is a follow-up study of a previous study from last fall. You can participate in this one irrespective of whether you participated in the earlier study.

They would appreciate it greatly if you would assess some photos of politicians at the following link:

Please write VOLOKH when asked about where you heard about the study.

There is a chance to win €100 for participants. You can also choose to receive an executive summary of the results (in June). The identity of respondents is kept confidential.

tefta (mail):
Study is too blatant to be useful. Who would openly admit they would pick a political candidate on the basis of their appearance.
3.18.2006 12:24pm
The Real Bill (mail):
Who? Honest people.
3.18.2006 12:38pm
Kovarsky (mail):
man, i cant think of a study i'm less qualified for, except maybe a study of tall gentiles.
3.18.2006 3:54pm
Can't find a good name:
Are the images of the politicians in the study supposed to be blurred, or is that just my computer?
3.18.2006 9:37pm
Stentor (mail) (www):
C.f.a.g.n.: It looks like the actual dimensions of the photos are smaller than the box they're given in the survey layout, so your browser stretches them. In Firefox you can right-click and select "view image" to see a slightly smaller but non-blurry version of the photo.
3.20.2006 12:26am