I must admit that I am still stunned about George Mason advancing to the Sweet Sixteen. And beating two teams from last year's Final Four in the process. And playing Wichita State--who we beat just a few weeks ago on Bracket Buster Saturday in Wichita. GMU did a pretty good job holding Paul Miller in check in that game, which turned out to be a good preview of what GMU did against Davis and Hansbrough this weekend.

On a related subject, Trent McBride has another great post with more data on the performance of mid-majors in the tournament. (I linked his earlier post this weekend here).

My prediction: George Mason will beat Wichita State, but lose to the Huskies in the Elite Eight round. That would be the Washington Huskies, by the way.

If George Mason makes it past the Huskies, they will make it all the way to the finals. But they'll lose there to UCLA.

My prediction is actually a Washington-UCLA final game.

But I'm glad George Mason has done so well. Good law school, good basketball team!

And, in case you haven't guessed, I'm a West Coast resident.
3.20.2006 7:11pm
I am surprised no one has attempted to connect the basketball team finding undervalued prospects to the law school's finding undervalued professors. Does anyone know what the basketball team thinks of Milton Friedman?
3.20.2006 8:10pm
Charlie (Colorado) (mail):
As a Duke grad and an ABC fan ("Anyone but Carolina"), may I just say one thing?

I gloat.
3.21.2006 12:23am
RT (mail):
Apparantly Roy Williams dfdn't get the memo that tripping the opposing player is now a legal means of defense in the NCAA tournament.
3.21.2006 10:49am