Swedish Foreign Minister Resigns Over Role in Shutting Down Cartoon-Hosting Site:

Reuters reports:

Swedish Foreign Minister Laila Freivalds quit on Tuesday after a row over the closure of a Web site with cartoons of the Prophet Mohammad .... [S]he was forced to resign when it was revealed this week that she had not given full information about her role in the closure of a site belonging to a far-right political party which published cartoons of the Prophet Mohammad offensive to Muslims.

"It was her own decision," said [Prime Minister Goran] Persson, who had criticised a junior foreign ministry official for putting pressure on a private internet hosting company to close the Web site belonging to an anti-immigrant Swedish political party.

Such pressure violates constitutional guarantees of free speech. Freivalds originally said she did not know her ministry had contacted the company, but documents published this week in the Swedish media proved that she had been informed....

Marcus1 (mail) (www):
Hmm? It was her own decision to resign or her own decision to put pressure on the newspaper? I'm guessing the former...

So maybe the Swedes don't hate free speech as much as we thought?
3.21.2006 3:24pm
dick thompson (mail):
The Prime Minister criticized her for putting pressure on the srvice provider to close down the website. Once he criticized her for that then her only possible reaction was to resign. It was not either/or. The pressure to close the website caused the criticism which caused her to decide to resign. What is so difficult about that. The article plainly says so.
3.21.2006 8:40pm
Marcus1 (mail) (www):
Yea, I just wasn't sure what Persson's statement "It was her own decision" was in reference to. I guess I wasn't any more clear than the article though...
3.21.2006 9:02pm