Whiny Conservatives Study:
As many readers have pointed out to me, Michelle Malkin has posted a copy of it here.
I think I've got it. From the day of their birth, California conservatives are force-fed the liberal ideology. By the time they reach kindergarten, they have become bitter and repressed; fearful even. The kindergarten liberals, seeing this, assert their dominion over the conservatives, becoming free-spirited, resilient, and begin their amazing journey as the most wonderful human beings on the face of the earth.

The Blocks were intuitive enough to explore deep into the past - just not deep enough.
3.23.2006 2:07pm
Nathan Hall (mail):
I think maybe conservatives love their children more. These children, more attached to their parents, then misbehave when left at a preschool. :)
3.23.2006 2:15pm
statfan (mail):
Ben's answer is not likely to be a useful response to this survey, because it implies that political ideologies are something we're born with, rather than something we develop through thought and consideration (perhaps based on our past experiences).

If this is so, then we might as well not have political debate at all.
3.23.2006 2:19pm
My answer is not likely to be a useful response to the survey because it was a tongue in cheek response.

And it doesn't imply that you're born with political affiliation. It implies that political affiliation is developed through experiences from ages zero to five (or whenever kindergarten begins.) Admittedly, that is somewhat suspect logic as well, but you misinterpreted the post and again it was tongue in cheek anyway.
3.23.2006 2:47pm
Nathan Hall (mail):

What effect has the usefulness of a statement on whether or not it is true? Ben' comment was tongue-in-cheek, but your response is actually fallacious.
3.23.2006 2:51pm
Dave Hardy (mail) (www):
My own political consciousness dates to fourth grade. Seriously. Our principal, Sr. Barbara Alice, showed how easy it was to create a police state.

Lots of patrol boys. Power to write tickets for vague things like "rough play." Lots of complicated regulations -- in certain parts of the playground you could not run, in others you could, etc. And of course tickets for arguing with a patrol boy. Only appeal is to her, and you always lose. No confrontation, of course. You tell her your story, and she says you lose.

Quotas for ticket writing; patrol boys who wrote too few were fired, those who wrote lots got "promoted," got gold badges, and got choice assignments (holding the stop signs instead of sitting in the sun at the back of the building with no one around you).

Individual punishment for tickets, of course. Group punishment and reward (class with most tickets stayed after school, that with least tickets got little tubs of ice cream). It worked like a charm. One kid beat up his brother for having ticketed him when he was low on quota.

It was a great lesson -- you actually saw a minature police state, and were subjected to it, at age 10. And you realized that if you can create one amongst rebellious and anarchic 10 year old boys, with no reward but a monthly tub of ice cream or a gold instead of silver badge, it must be childishly simple to create a full-blown police state if you actually had money and power to hand out.

The Gestapo was a waste of money -- if Hitler had had that nun's skills, he'd have made them work for free, or for a few tubs of ice cream.
3.23.2006 3:38pm
jgshapiro (mail):
The trouble with these types of accusations (e.g., "Whiny"), is that you cannot dispute them (or even discuss them) without proving them.

It's like calling someone defensive. Try it some time. If they agree with you, then they have acknowledged they are defensive. If they disagree with you, they have proven your point.
3.23.2006 5:00pm