Pravda's Main Web Page Closed Down by Russian Security Service:

As the English version of Pravda (a leading Russian newspaper) reports,

Russia's Federal Security Service closes down Pravda.Ru's Russian version over Danish caricatures

The visitors of Pravda.Ru website have been deprived of a possibility to access the website and its materials today. The main Russian version of the Pravda.Ru portal has been closed today. The message, which appears on the blank white page, says that the site has been closed down pursuant to the requirement from the Federal Security Service

I've checked this myself, and read the original Russian-language explanation from the editors; the English-language explanation is here.

Ostensibly, the reason for the closure seems to be Pravda's publication of the Danish caricatures — but Pravda denies ever having published them. (Note also that some of the Pravda Russian-language material remains accessible through the explanation-from-the-editors page, so I'm not sure just how much of the Pravda site has been shut down, though the blockage of the main page is indeed burden enough on the newspaper's operation.)

Thanks to reader Anton Pribysh for the pointer.

BU2L (mail):
Ah, the country of my birth. Never fails to makes me proud.
3.23.2006 7:42pm
bornyesterday (mail) (www):
So the truth is no longer out there?
3.23.2006 8:35pm
SenatorX (mail):
Can someone try to explain to me what this really means? Is it just freedom being squashed for money? I would think Russians (most at least) would not be that "pro-Islam". Is it a ploy like the Chinese are apparently doing? Or does it have nothing to do with offending Islam really but that is secondary to a larger suppression of freedom?

I know I could probably research this all on my own but I don't have the time. Anyone got a condensed theory?
3.23.2006 8:53pm
Al Maviva (mail):
So. At long last, it is literally true. There is no news in Pravda. Amazing that it took more-or-less democracy to achieve that.

This begs the question: is there any truth in Tass?
3.23.2006 9:33pm
This begs the question: is there any truth in Tass?

Telegraph Agency of the Soviet Union - lived, lives, and will live ;)
3.23.2006 11:40pm
Garrett O'Hara (mail) (www):
I can't read Russian, but it looks like it's back up. Moreover, it's not the top headline on the English version for some strange reason.
3.24.2006 8:10am
angua (mail) (www):
Between the space alien invasions and the secret Jew-diseases Pravda reports on a regular basis, I would take anything they claim with an elephan-size dgrain of salt.

There are problems with freedom of the press in Russia, but Pravda is unlikely to report anything like the turth about them. (Ha!)
3.24.2006 8:07pm