Leading Danish Imam Apparently Complicit in Suicide Bombing:

This is the imam who was involved in publicizing the Danish cartoons in Muslim countries: Agora reports, translating Danish news sources:

Quoting from my transcript of previously unreleas footage from Mohammed Sifaoui, the journalist who broke the news of Imam Ahmed Akkari’s death threats against Naser Khader. Imam Abu Laban is speaking of a man who plans to execute a martyr operation in connection with the Battle of Khartoon:

{He’s doing everything to get contacts.}
{He’s contacted Amr Moussa and he means to wreak absolute havoc.}
{He wants to join the fray and turn it into a Martyr operation right now.} ...

Danish Politicians are shocked....

Helge Adam Møller of the Conservatives:

With 99 percent certainty it’s an act of terrorism to which we are referring. Because a martyr operation is to blow oneself and innocents sky high. Whether it’s in Denmark or someplace else, it’s equally serious. It’s innocents who are killed. He apparently knows something about that. If he hasn’t himself gone to the police, he incurs a colossal responsibility and he is in direct breach of Danish law.

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I have no further details beyond what I read in Agora, and I realize that much — especially as a legal matter — would turn on just how involved Abu Laban was: Did he in fact know about the planned suicide bombing? Did he merely know about it, or did he also help those who were doing the planning? If readers know more about this, or learn about it shortly, please do post it in the comments. But at this point the matter seems very troubling.

Barbara Skolaut (mail):

Danish Politicians are shocked....
They're shocked?

What planet do they live on? It can't be this one.
3.24.2006 6:21pm
Robert Schwartz (mail):
The real test is if the Danes throw this so called cleric in the slam for a while, then take him to the border and kick him in the butt.
3.25.2006 1:21am
Claude Raines (mail):
I, too, am shocked, shocked.
3.25.2006 8:51am
Michael B (mail):
Concerning Danish imam Abu Laban, there was a notable history even prior to his M.E. tour and incitements.

A 2002 Report on Islamic Propaganda and anti-Semitism in Denmark, excerpt:

"On 5 April Palestinian imam Ahmad Abu Laban called on his congregation at Friday prayers to offer their lives in a jihad for the Palestinian cause."

From a similar 2005 report:

"Danish-Muslim reaction to the murder of Dutch filmmaker Theo Van Gogh in November 2004 sent shock waves throughout Danish society. A group of young Muslim women, among them the daughter of fundamentalist Imam Abu Laban ... was shown on television laughing. The women stated that Van Gogh had gotten what he deserved ..."

h/t Solomonia
3.25.2006 3:05pm
AST (mail):
As far as I'm concerned Mr. Laban's version of Islam is a throwback to the pre-Islamic religions in the Middle East which practiced human sacrifice. It may be couched in religious terms, but sending your child off with a belt of bombs to kill himself and as many noncombatants as possible is indistinguishable from placing him on a slab and burning him as a sacrifice to Moloch.

If the rest of Islam doesn't understand this and treat these people as apostates and murderers, rather than those who convert to Christianity, this is going to end in a clash of cultures like the Middle Age wars against the Turks, and the Muslims won't win it.
3.25.2006 5:38pm
Brian G (mail) (www):
Danish Politicians are shocked....

If that is actually true, then it just shows me how idiotic and out of it these Danish politicians are.
3.25.2006 10:01pm