David, it sounds to me like you're saying that the bubble burst on the market value of Holmes!

  (I should add that I'm not sure that David's description of attitudes towards Lochner and Justice Holmes is accurate. But I really just posted this for the joke.)
SB (www):
Wow. Just... wow. I love this place!

I'm pretty sure the VC can only go downhill from here. :)
4.4.2006 6:58pm
devin chalmers (mail):
Orin, you're my favorite. Good to see you're still keeping up the VC activity, even with that way-over-my-head-blog you've got now...
4.4.2006 7:07pm
Scott Scheule (mail) (www):
I'm only a legal student, and a student in a rather incredibly liberal, alternate curriculum, but my impression is that Orin's correct. Perhaps Professor Bernstein could give us some citations in support of his view of Holmes' decline.
4.4.2006 7:20pm
Goober (mail):
Funny you should make that joke using Holmes, who is said to have remarked:
A pun does not commonly justify a blow in return. But if a blow were given for such cause, and death ensued, the jury would be judges both of the facts and of the pun, and might, if the latter were of an aggravated character, return a verdict of justifiable homicide.
4.4.2006 7:26pm
Wintermute (mail) (www):
Holmes' bubble got singed by that fire in a crowded theater meme.
4.4.2006 8:22pm
jimbob (mail):
Joke? Where?
4.4.2006 8:23pm