Sasha (mail):
What, no Latin names?
4.10.2006 7:21pm
DNL (mail):
Isn't this a duplicate post? I swear I've seen it here before.
4.10.2006 7:23pm
Wintermute (mail) (www):
I don't care if it becomes a regular post, 'cuz I got in the taxonomy and get hits from there LOL.
4.10.2006 7:50pm
No one (mail):
I think there was a link to the first list of blawgs before but not this. Some blogger on his taxonomy should give him a job or pay him.
4.10.2006 8:03pm
It was mentioned on Althouse a few days ago, if that's what you're thinking of.
4.10.2006 8:56pm
Jared K.:
He's not getting paid, but he is getting credit, which is like getting paid but instead he pays someone else.
4.10.2006 8:57pm
Jared K.:
Also, the VC post referred to by DNL (and No One) is here, and does in fact refer to an earlier and rougher version of the same thing.
4.10.2006 9:00pm
Jamesaust (mail):
I ran across this a few days ago myself. I was surprised how few blogs there are of professors commenting by specialty on court decisions. In class, the prof always seemed to be smarter than the state or the U.S. supreme courts.
4.11.2006 7:34pm