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Just reminding readers of this option, in case some people find it useful. Here's the list management page; you can use it to subscribe, change options, or unsubscribe. About 185 of our readers are taking advantage of this. Another 65 use the announcements only list, which sends the headers and pointers to the full post, rather than the full post itself.

Wintermute (mail) (www):
This vendor still hasn't implemented RSS feeds for comments to individual posts or even all posts, though, has it? In the case of this blog, I would find the former useful but the latter overwhelming.
4.12.2006 2:17pm
S.A. Miller (mail) (www): will give you links to individual posts.
4.12.2006 3:34pm
theParsonsFifth (mail) (www):
If its not on RSS, I don't read it. The only exception I make is Michael Yon, and I get his email updates. Thanks for the update, though.
4.13.2006 1:15pm