Hey, Why Doesn't April 12 Rate a Special Google Logo?


Justin Kee (mail):
Good question. In addition, I cannot recall if July 21 gets a special logo or not. Maybe too political?
4.12.2006 5:30pm
R. J. Schoettle (mail):
I thought you were referring to the beginning of Passover.
4.12.2006 5:35pm
Ray (mail):
Maybe because it's viewed as a Soviet accomplishment, and not a Russian, or even a mankind, accomplishment. Just guessing.

Or maybe it's a subconscious thing from the Cold War, it's not even a Soviet accomplishment, but a small defeat for America.
4.12.2006 5:43pm
Mike BUSL07 (mail) (www):
All I know is that I still get a present from my Mother on February 23rd, (and she gets one from me on March 8).
4.12.2006 5:45pm
M (mail):
Yes. I carry my Gagarin two-rubble comemerative coin around with me all the time for good luck. (These were struck in 2001 for the 40th anniversary. People in Russia are still, rightfully, fond of Gagarin.
4.12.2006 6:03pm
Yeah, I would have thought libertarians would celebrate it as the day FDR died.
4.12.2006 6:07pm
You learn something new each day. I'd never heard of "Defenders of the Motherland Day" or "International Women's Day." But then again, my family left Russia a looooong time ago.
4.12.2006 6:44pm
HeScreams (mail):
Because, as the article points out -- Gagarin wasn't the first; Ivan Ivanovich beat him to it.
4.12.2006 6:49pm
Mary Katherine Day-Petrano (mail):
Because April 16th is the day MKDP, the great defender of ADA disability rights was born. It deserves much more recognition than April 12th, which, after all, is just another great day in the best month of the year, April.
4.12.2006 7:08pm
eddie (mail):
Perhaps, in the current political climate, such a commemoration might be seen as endorsing the evil empire that produced such an event.

And what red-blooded American free marketeer would want anything to do with Communists (or the taint of saying that something good could come out of such system)?
4.12.2006 7:15pm